10 Items You’ll Regret Not Taking With You On An English Countryside Holiday


Summertime is here, and for many of us, that all means holiday and vacation time!

Maybe you’re staying in Self Catering Holiday Cottages, a cute little caravan or getting back to basics in a tent. Or maybe something a little wacky and alternative!

Whatever your choice of accommodation, take a note of the following ten items. You will regret not taking each with you if you’re heading off on an English Countryside holiday!




1. Fire Lighters

If you’re staying in a traditional, chocolate box cottage, you may find it comes with a fireplace! You may fancy lighting it even if it is summer, and especially if it decides to rain one night! Fire lighters will not only make doing so easier, but they will also make doing so easier.


2. Roadmap

Satellite navigation systems (or Sat Navs as we tend to fondly call them!) are great. However, they are not always all that effective in the countryside. In fact, it has been known for them to go totally crazy when faced with country roads. So be sure pack a paper road map as well, just in case. Be sure it is up-to-date also. Roads are changing all the time, so once from 2006 simply won’t do in 2016!


3. Cool Bag

If you are going to be out in the countryside, you may not have 24-hour access to a fridge. Take a cool bag with you so that you can keep food and drinks cool when out and about and away from your accommodation.


4. Ice Cube Tray

Insert a little holiday magic with a unique ice cube tray! They can cool any accidental sunburn, chill drinks quicker and make an ice pack if you get a headache or sunstroke.


5. Insect Repellent

This one should go without saying! Being in the countryside means various little mites and bugs have access to you. Repel them quickly and easily and avoid that dreaded morning scratch-fest!


6. Umbrella

Wherever you see the word English, you should hear somebody saying the word ‘rain’ somewhere faintly in the distance! Don’t let the British weather dampen your holiday, either literally or figurative. Pack a sturdy umbrella or two. Not one that turns inside out at the first sniff of wind!


7. Suncream

That being said, you should also pack sunscreen just in case the lovely English sun does decide to make an appearance!


8. Walking shoes

Your walking shoes should be treated as a proper investment. Don’t rush into buying the first pair you come across in your size. Instead, there are a number of things you should consider before buying walking shoes!


9. Torch

A great torch should 100% be in your packing. There is less street lighting, and indeed general lighting, in the English countryside in comparison to the cities. Plus, if you’re camping, you’ll want to see where you’re going if you need to make a visit to the toilet during the night!


10. Picnic Hamper

A frivolous final item, but hey! What is an English countryside holiday with a good old English picnic?!



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