5 things I love about Abu Dhabi

1) Taxis

The taxi’s are so cheap and so easy to flag down we haven’t even need to rent a car. It costs us around £2 to get to the beach from our house-sit, around £3 to Marina Mall and £5 if we’re heading to the other end of the Corniche to visit the large hotels. And the biggest positive – you get to jump into an air-conditioned car each time, rather than getting into your sauna that’s been sat on the drive way in the blazing heat.

2) Customer Service

The standard of customer service is extremely high, now I know its party because of the wealth here but it’s nice to be treated well. A huge percentage of the service industry is made up of Filipinos who always seem to have a big smile on their face and are more than happy to help.

3) Night Owls

Now perhaps it’s because we’re here during Ramadan but as night owls we love the fact that everything here happens at night. It’s also down to the fact it’s so crazily hot in the daytime at the moment, many people don’t come out until the sun’s gone down. You’ll find even if you arrive at a mall at 4pm it’s deserted, but come 7pm it will be a hive of activity.


4) Brunch

It’s clear that there’s a lot of Brits here as ‘Brunch’ has become a very common event. With Friday’s being the most popular day for brunch, it’s one way to get the weekend started as this is no ordinary brunch. For a set fee it’s all you can eat and all you can drink. From what I gather it’s the latter part that’s the most popular. Yes, on a Friday morning you get all dressed up and head to one of the swanky hotels (only the hotels have alcohol licenses here, so if your aim is to get pissed, that’s where you need to be) and for a set price ranging from around £30 – £50 you can fill your boots with the tipple of your choice. I’m guessing this activity is usually followed by an afternoon nap…?

5) It’s never cold!

OK, so I have been whinging about the heat since I arrived, but I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t! I would strongly advise not to turn up in July or August as the heat is unbearable and you’ll find yourself rushing from one air-conditioned place to the next. However, looking at the temperature chart for the rest of the year it would seem that during wintertime the climate is actually pretty good, with temperatures around 20 degrees in January and virtually no rainfall. So rather than brave the freezing British winter, visit the desert, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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  2. Ross 30 October, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    Good list. The brunch is a must I think. Crazy popular in Abu Dhabi for whatever reason. The mosque could also be on your list

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