15 Items To Pack For A Ski Trip


Headed off for a ski holiday or trip? Here is a definitive list of 15 items to pack for a ski trip.





You can’t pack luggage if you’ve got nothing to put it all in. When skiing, always opt for a backpack over a suitcase. It will give you more freedom to move with ease, and they’ll be no need for dragging bulky items through icy or wet ground. Straps on backpacks will also come in handy for attaching items like your hat or water bottle, for example. http://www.wildbackpacker.com/backpacking-gear/backpacks/how-to-pack-a-backpack/ gives some more handy tips.



Safety should always be a top priority when skiing. And what more important part of your body is there to protect than your head? Your helmet should fit perfectly; too loose and it will be ineffective. Too tight and it will be uncomfortable. Ensure it follows all of the safety guidelines and is accredited as an effective piece of head protection. You need to be able to fall or slip safe in the knowledge that your head is guarded properly.



In the same way that it should be top priority to protect your head, it should also be a priority to protect your eyes and vision. They will protect you from any wind, snow and any debris thrown up by the snow. And it’s not just the sun’s glare you need protection from, but the snows. Snow is highly reflective and can throw up a damaging glare into your eyes. Consider goggles with a tint. These will help you define contrasts, so you can see your path and any dangers with more ease.



It’s unlikely you’ll want to wear your goggles to Apres Ski! When you do come to take them off, though, you’ll want to have alternative eye protection to hand. Ensure they wrap around your eyes. They must also be both UVA and UVB compliant. There is a handy rundown of what both these mean at http://www.visionexpress.com/sunglasses/lenses/safety-in-the-sun/.


Hat and gloves

Take a hat that you can wear comfortable underneath your helmet. Beanies are ideal for this. For your gloves, invest in ones with waterproof or at the very least, water resistant qualities. Otherwise, once they become wet, you’ll have to take them off and will be without hand protection. Some come with handy extras, like a plastic goggle wipe.



This little piece of kit does not come cheap. However, if you can afford it or have saved up, GoPro’s are fantastic on ski trips. You can record all of the action from your perspective. Some even attach the kit onto their ski’s. Do be aware of the fact that doing this increases the likelihood of it working loose and coming off. If you have one, be sure to pack it and use it! You’ll find some awesome videos captured by GoPro’s at https://www.youtube.com/user/GoProCamera.



You can’t ski without skis! If you’re hiring at your destination, that’s great. Just take any small and non-bulky related items you own. This won’t take up much room and will save you money on hiring these also. Or, if you are planning on buying your own, go in store and see the different makes in person. Have a chat with a specialist; tell them where you’re going and what the conditions and predicted to be. For example, you might need fat skis if you are going somewhere with particularly heavy or deep snow.




Ski boots

Getting your ski boots right is so important. You’ll be wearing them all day, every day. Uncomfortable feet or sore spots won’t just be annoying; they could ruin your whole trip. They might even prevent you from skiing. http://momentumski.com/how-to-find-the-perfect-ski-boots/ is a link to a comprehensive guide on picking the perfect pair.


Ski poles

If you own your poles, great. You’ll save money on hiring them once you arrive. However, do bear in mind luggage restrictions if you’re travelling by plane. Each airline is different. For some, you will be able to pack equipment like skis separately, for a fee. However, others now class their size and weight as part of your overall allowance. If you are going to be charged extra, think carefully. What will cost less? Taking your own poles and paying the airline fee, or leaving them behind and hiring at your destination? http://enjoythejourney.org.uk/things-you-need-to-know-before-you-go-skiing/ will give you some more things you’ll want to know before going.


Equipment bags

If you are taking any of your own equipment, take bags to fit them. These bags will keep them protected from damage. They will also help keep things neat. Plus, as bags usually have straps, your items will be easier to lift and carry.


Ski holder straps

While not a necessity, these are much appreciated by those who use them. Instead of carrying your skis in your hands, these straps hold them together. You can then sling the straps over your shoulders and carry your equipment as if it were a backpack. This then means your hands are free.


Ski jacket

Now this one is a necessity. Your ski jacket should be warm, well-made and padded. It should ideally be brightly coloured, so you will be easy to spot. This isn’t just for if you get lost or injured; this is also for when you’re making your way down the slopes. While the jacket should be well-padded, it is crucial that it fits well. Anything too bulky or big will limit your movements.


Massage oil

Skiing is hard work. Even the healthiest and fittest individuals may feel sore at the end of a long day. Pack massage oil for your sore spots. A tube of DeepHeat is a good alternative, and very effective. Be warned, though, the smell is rather strong!


Face mask and neck warmer

You buy these items separately, or as an all-in-one. Once you’re out in the elements, you’ll be so glad you have them. Wind and snow can be bitingly cold and unpleasant on these two areas.


Thermal layers

Taking warm clothing goes without saying, but sometimes thermal layers get forgotten. Don’t make this mistake. They are made especially to trap your body heat in and keep you warm. At the very least wear thermal leggings or trousers and a thermal vest or top. It will make such a difference.



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