5 Reasons To Visit Melbourne Early In The Year


People all around the world dream of going to Australia. There are fascinating cities, beautiful natural areas, and as many chances to engage with wildlife as you’ll find at any destination. Because of its remoteness, it’s also a destination that lures a lot of travellers for extended periods. We actually wrote about spending 5-6 weeks in Australia and New Zealand just recently!

In this post we’re going to narrow things down a bit, both to a specific location and a specific time of year. Aside from particular beaches and wild areas, Melbourne is one of the most popular places to go in Australia. In particular, there tends to be a lot going on there during the first few months of the year. In the interest of planning ahead to 2018 (it’s not that far off, in terms of scheduling vacations) we wanted to go over a few of the best reasons to go to Melbourne around this time.


Celebrate New Year’s Eve Early

Aside from some of the small island nations farther east in the Pacific, Australia celebrates New Year’s before any other place in the world. Sydney tends to get a lot of the attention for this celebration, but the holiday in Melbourne is spectacular. This is not a city that’s going to waste the opportunity to throw a party with the whole world watching. As a result there are festive gatherings and gorgeous fireworks displays all over town.




Check Out The Aussie Open

Held in late January each year, the Australian Open is one of the biggest events in professional tennis, as well as the first of four “Grand Slam” tournaments every year. It’s pretty hot in Melbourne in January, but the Aussie Open is viewed as possibly the most enjoyable of the Slams to attend. It’s a great chance to see the world’s best players, and the grounds make for an excellent time. You can wander between matches, sit in the shade for a meal, and have drinks with friends throughout the day.


Enjoy Brighton Beach

There are plenty of excellent beaches in and around Melbourne, but the point here is that the first few months of the year are actually perfect beach weather in Australia. Brighton is probably the best of the Melbourne beaches given its size and convenience. It’s big and crowded but still relaxing. It’s also within reasonable distance of some great lunch and drink cafés.


Take In The Grand Prix

Any Formula 1 Grand Prix is a pretty incredible spectacle, but the annual event in Melbourne is one of the special ones. Even during the offseason people look forward to this particular race and analyse potential outcomes given that it’s always the first Grand Prix of the season. And the action never disappoints. You don’t need to be a racing fanatic to appreciate watching the world’s best drivers darting around a Melbourne track, and the fanfare surrounding the actual race is always intoxicating.




Attend The Food & Wine Festival

This isn’t really something you attend so much as get swept up in. That’s because the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival has come to include 300 events all across the region of Victoria. Needless to say there’s a ton to eat and drink just about everywhere you look, with most of it highlighting the gastronomic talent of local vendors.


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