5 Things You Have To Do In Alwar, India


India is a country full of culture, history and beauty. If you’ve never been before, you are seriously missing out. It has something to offer us all and should be a top priority country for any budding traveller to visit. Alwar, in particular, is an area full of interesting tourist attractions that will make your trip to India memorable. Here are 5 Things You Have To Do In Alwar, India…




Have a ghostly experience

Bhangarh fort is renowned for being the most haunted places in India which has mesmerised local and tourists for generations. Take a trip to explore these ancient ruins and temples and see if you encounter and ghostly spirits while you’re there. It will give you a new insight into the local culture, and you’ll learn a great deal about the history of the area.


See an Elephant Polo match

Elephant polo is one activity you need to see to believe. Spend the day in Dera Amer with these gentle giants surrounded by stunning scenery and an inviting atmosphere. On top of watching the match, why not also try out the local food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is all provided by the family who runs the site. If you’re looking for light-hearted and family entertainment, this is the activity for you.


Sariska, Alwar


Go on a Jungle Safari

Safaris are more commonly associated with Africa and their infamous plains and wildlife. However, an Indian jungle safari is just at exciting and thrilling. If you’re an adventure seeker and love nature, you will enjoy this experience immensely. Hop onto a jeep and work your way through the lush, thick foliage of the jungle and keep your eye out for tigers, elephants and monkeys. It’s an activity unlike any other, and the sights you see will be breathtaking.


Find the local markets

If you’re a keen shopaholic and enjoy finding new and exciting items, then this is a must do for your trip. These markets are a hub of handmade and traditional items and produce that can only be found in this area. Kagzi pottery, for instance, had become a sought after art piece, and only a few locals can make it. Malakhera Bazar and Hope circus are great shopping destinations if you want to buy your loved ones some unique souvenirs.


Try out a zip wire ride

If you enjoy pushing your limits, then you need to try out a zip wire ride. It might look terrifying, but you’ll get a unique bird’s eye view of the area that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You’ll see hills, palaces and gardens from the air, giving you an incredible perspective. Even though you’ll probably scream the entire way down, it will become a highlight of your trip.


Top Tip

Remember you will need a Visa for India which can be organised online before your trip. If you need any further info, leave a comment below.
So get your suitcase packed and discover what Alwar has to offer for yourself. You’ll learn so much about the local people and their culture, which will make this trip one of a kind. There’s so much to see and do here that you’ll never want to come home.



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