6 Things You’ll Only Find In The World’s Best Hotels


When booking the holiday of your dreams, splashing out can be so worth it, particularly when it comes to your accommodation. Checking into a high-class hotel or resort can really make your time away an experience to remember forever, and there are certain things that world’s best hotels provide that you just won’t be able to find elsewhere. So, whether it’s for a once-in-a-lifetime treat, or a lifestyle to which you’re hoping to become accustomed, take a look at Destination2’s list of luxury treats that you’ll only find in a select few establishments.


Exquisite Refreshments (free of charge)

Cocktails on arrival, sumptuous canapés and extravagant hors d’œuvres, a daily selection of fresh fruits and relaxing evening drinks are provided on the house at some of the more lavish getaways. Places like One & Only Le Saint Geran resort in Mauritius offer all kinds of delicious complimentary goodies for your enjoyment. The hotel will also honour you with a parting gift when the time comes for you to leave.


Concierges and Chauffeurs

The iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai offers a concierge service that can be arranged to collect you from the airport in a Rolls Royce or… wait for it… your own exclusive helicopter! If this wasn’t enough, the hotel also offers the opportunity for guests to have a thrilling driving experience in their dream car!




Solid Gold iPads

While you sadly can’t take them away with you, the Burj Al Arab also features 24-carat gold iPads for the use of guests who stay in any of their opulent suites. There’s a huge variety of high-end technologies and media equipment that you can make use of free of charge during your time at top international hotels, which is certainly something any holidaymaker could happily get used to!


Exclusive Casinos and Spas

The Kempinski Seychelles Resort in the heart of the Indian Ocean boast a luxurious spa with a huge range of relaxation and beauty treatments for those who just need to lie back for a well-deserved rest. Their opulent spa building is a quiet, stress-free haven set amongst rich green gardens. If you want a little glitz and glamour, there’s also an on-site casino where you can try your luck.




Incredible Free Experiences

The Kempinski Seychelles Resort also offers activities such as free snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing trips for those with a sense of adventure and a love of the ocean! These pursuits can often cost a great deal, so to have them included in your booking is a real and rare treat!


Butler ervice

Enjoy the most luxurious experience possible when you book accommodation that comes complete with a personal butler! This is just one of the exclusive options you could make use of at the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur when you book their Colonial, Governor or Majestic suites, so if you want to be waited on hand and foot as part of your luxury getaway, this is definitely a superb option for your consideration!


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