7 Life Changing Adventures That Should Be On Your Wishlist!


The world is full of incredible places. Exploring is both of our passions, and that’s why we have spent so much time and money travelling around the world over the past few years! But there are still so many new places yet to see. The earth is so diverse that it feels like the list of places to see is never ending. Travelling offers an expansion of the mind and going further only opens it even more. That’s something money can’t buy. From what we have seen, and what we want to see in the future, here are 7 life changing adventures that we think should be on your wishlist!


1. Whale Watching

The whale is the biggest animal on the planet, so wouldn’t it be incredible to go and see them in the wild? There has been uproar recently about Seaworld’s treatment of their orcas, and some of the accusations are eye opening. The press have highlighted how important it is for these precious animals to be in their natural habitat. This would make an experience like this, seeing whales where they belong, even more special. Those who have experienced whale watching have had some fantastic close encounters, with whales swimming right next to their boat! You wouldn’t even need to travel too far to go on this adventure, as places as close as Iceland take tourists on whale watching trips with much success.


2. A Tour Of America

America is secretly the dream for any Brit! We all grew up jealous of their high schools, lifestyles and music after watching Grease a few too many times. So naturally we want to go and visit when we get older. If you’ve noticed, Americans barely travel outside of their own country. That’s because they have so much to see right at home! The list of American cities I want to go and visit for the first or second time is as long as my arm. Despite their lack of history, America has architecture, culture and weather on its side. To make the most of it, you may even need to go twice, once to the west coast and once to the east coast. A tour of America would admittedly be mighty expensive. In the cities if you go for a meal out they will expect an extra percentage of the bill as a tip, but trust me it’s worth it!


3. A Safari

Wouldn’t a safari be incredible? I’d love to add another continent to my list! To experience nature first hand in its natural habitat would be life changing! It would also be a true escape from the modern hustle and bustle we are all so used to. Many endangered animals live on the African plains like the rhino, so it really would be such a special experience to go and see them. You definitely wouldn’t want to forget your camera! You could visit Safari Drive beforehand to learn more about what you would need to pack. Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, a safari trip isn’t actually too expensive. Admittedly the flight may be, but you can usually get everything else in one big package deal!



4. A Ski Trip

A ski trip is a completely different to your typical beach holiday, but would still be a brilliant experience! This adventure wouldn’t actually cost you too much either, as there are plenty of hotspots in Europe you can travel to, like the French Alps. It’s a great experience to be had if you are sporty, as this kind of trip would involve a lot of activity. It would be great fun to attempt something completely different. It’d be great to go with your friends too, as the night life is supposed to be as good as the skiing!


5. Volunteering In Africa

So many young people volunteer in Africa on gap years and come back energised just from helping people! Joining a scheme that involves building houses, schools, and villages can be really rewarding for us privileged Brits. Experiencing this new culture would be fascinating to watch and get involved with. As well as opening our eyes to the world around us, it is a great way to meet new people! You would be surrounded with other volunteers from around the world that you can relate to and swap stories. This truly would be a life changing adventure, and certainly for the better.


6. Scuba Diving In The Great Barrier Reef

You may already know if you are a regular reader of this blog, we are huge lovers of scuba diving! It’s an incredible experience, where you can come face to face with fish, turtles, and even sharks in their natural habitat. One of the most recommended places to go scuba diving is the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is 2300 km long, so the exploration is never ending! The reef is closest to the coast of Australia, which would also be amazing to go and see while you’re over there! Unfortunately, this beautiful area of the world is being destroyed. This is a result of climate change, fishing, and coastal development. This makes it an even more special place to visit, and might even make you want to help fight for it.



7. Climb Everest

If adventure is what you are looking for, then why not set yourself the task of climbing to the highest point on the earth! It would certainly take a lot of hard work and preparation, in order to get to the level of fitness that is needed to take on this tremendous task. But wouldn’t the sense of achievement just be incredible? The views on the way up are notoriously awe-striking too.


We live in a world where, unfortunately, we don’t all have a never-ending supply of money! But even so, these places are still in reach for us if we really want it. I hope this post gave you some inspiration as to where you might considering travelling to next. Happy exploring!


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