8 Tips for the Best Planning Preparation Before Travelling


Who doesn’t love a holiday? Getting away from the stress of work can only ever be good for you, and allows you to forge memories which’ll last for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect. While the holiday itself might be a wonderful experience, the planning which goes into organising your trip away is something we could all do without.

So here’s are eight amazingly helpful tips which should help you when planning for your next excursion.




1. Make a budget

Before heading out overseas it’s a very good idea to forge some sort of budget for yourself – which you’re going to want to stick to.

There are four key ways to get on top of your funds, which include:

  • Working out how much you’ll need for the trip
  • Calculating the amount you’ll need to spend on items before you leave
  • Saving money on unnecessary costs before heading out
  • Saving money on unnecessary costs when you’re actually there

In order to successfully budget you’ll have to keep a constant vigilance on how much you’re spending at all times. While this doesn’t stop when you’re on your trip, you can allow yourself a little more freedom.


2. Sort out documentation

Travelling abroad involves a lot of jumping through hoops. There’s no way you’ll be able to get through any trip away if you don’t have your documentation in order first.

Visas and passports are an absolute must – so make sure you have applied for them and they are completely up-to-date.

This is usually considerably easier if you’re travelling from a first world country to a nation with a slightly poorer economy, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore this step.


3. Get checked out by the doctor

The last thing you’ll want to experience on your travels is a medical disaster overseas. While there’s a chance you could luck-out and find a medical practitioner who speaks English, the chances are slim.

Secret Traveller include  this on their 20 things to do before long term travel checklist and say: “Unless you really fancy having a root canal done in, say, Burma, or checking out the level of hospital care in Malawi, you need to go see your GP and your dentist before you leave home.”

There probably isn’t anything wrong with you – but it always better to be safe than sorry. A checkup takes an hour of your time (at the very most) and will ensure, barring disaster, you won’t need to visit the hospital on your travels.


4. Plan your trip

Alright, you don’t need to know every miniscule detail of all the days you’re out there – but having a rough idea of how your trip is going to look will make things considerably simpler.

Day one should especially be given some forethought, with a rough idea of what you’re going to do on arrival serving to help you settle into the new environment considerably quicker.

You can even go a little further and plot out more of what you’re intending to do. With that in mind, you should remember a plan doesn’t have to be regimentally stuck to. Allow for flexibility.


5. Vaccinations

This is in keeping with the previous point on visiting the doctors. While they’ll be able to give you a general look over, it will probably require more than that to safely set you on your way.

With so many killer viruses out there it’s crucial you do everything you can to prevent them from striking and causing you some serious harm.

As such, ensuring you’ve had all the necessary vaccinations and jabs is an integral part of your pre-holiday planning. Avoid the likes of Zika, Malaria and Ebola by getting these preventative injections.


6. Book your flights

In truth, this is probably something you should do pretty much as soon as you’ve decided on the location you’re headed to.

Flights tend to get more expensive the closer you are to a date, so booking well in advance will guarantee they remain at a reasonable price which you can afford.

There are plenty of price comparison websites for flying out there too, so make sure you aren’t ripped off by finding the best value-for-money journeys available.




7. Download guidebooks

If you’ve made your mind up on a place or region, why not go right ahead and download a guidebook for the area?

While this harks back somewhat to the point about pre-travel planning, it’ll ultimately serve to give you a fantastic idea of the types of things to do in your chosen location.

While you don’t have to make your mind up on what to get involved with right there and then, this’ll definitely make things considerably simpler when you do eventually land in your holiday destination.


8. Book your accommodation

Perhaps unsurprisingly, you’re going to need somewhere to stay while abroad. Much like with flights, if you want to make the most of saving some dough, book yourself somewhere to stay well in advance of heading out.

If you’re looking to do something a little different (perhaps camping out or staying in a non-traditional hotel) this part of the planning process can serve to release your inner wild-child.

These are just eight great tips when it comes to planning before your holiday. If you employ some of these before your trip away, you should find things considerably easier and more stress-free when you do eventually get there.



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  1. Johny 28 December, 2016 at 10:40 am #

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  2. Tallat Satti 1 December, 2016 at 9:43 pm #

    Having a planned trip is not only help you to know the expenses but also can make your trip a worth traveling and exploring the places.

  3. Robert Lopez 26 November, 2016 at 7:52 am #

    All reminders and guide set in mind and don’t forget to bring camera with a lot of films to take good shots!
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  4. Jane 17 November, 2016 at 2:24 am #

    Some great tips – thanks for sharing. There’s a lot to think about when planning a trip and sometimes it can be challenging knowing just where to start. It’s definitely a good idea to start by sorting out the practical question of your budget and even deciding what kind of holiday/ travel you’re looking to do. Traveling certainly presents such an amazing opportunity and can really broaden your perspectives on life and strengthen your understanding and appreciation for other cultures. Every story of travel is so different and interesting.


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