A night at the beach – surf’s up!

In the aim of a detox Gaz and I thought we should spend some solo time at the beach, so we headed over to Maderas Beach one of the most famous surf beaches in Nicargua. Dead excited to get involved and start my surfer girl career, we though this would be a great option.

Turns out it wasn’t that great. Accommodation is somewhat skanky and everywhere closes as soon as the sun sets, I know we were after detox but this was a little extreme when we were left without dinner at 7pm and had to head to bed.

But the biggest negative of all… the water is blooming freezing. Having been in the Caribbean sea for the last three months it was a totally shock to dip a toe in the Pacific which is at around 18 degrees here at the moment. wtf?! So with surf lessons on hold until we hit Costa Rica, or atleast until we rent a wet suit, I stood on the beach and took photos of Gaz whilst he braved the water for a spot of body boarding.



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