A quick detour to Ometepe

We decided it might be nice to take Ollie to Ometepe, one of the few areas on the backpacker route Gaz and I hadn’t seen in our time prior to his arrival. And unsure about whether we need to spend a whole week or more in the Corn Islands we headed to Ometepe for a couple of days. Although this turned out to be a mistake.

Travelling across a lake to a volcano (it’s actually two volcanos) seemed like a great idea, but when we missed the boat, which ended up taking ages, and then paid a fortune for a taxi to the other side of the volcano to stay in a hut, Ollie wasn’t best pleased. (I think the lack of girls didn’t help the situation.) So the next morning we packed our bags, paid the extortionate taxi fare back to the port, waited two hours for a boat and came back across the lake so we could sit on a bus to the airport for five hours, for flights we didn’t have :)

On the plus side the volcano looked very cool from the boat and I’m pleased with the pictures, even if it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

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