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How to Pack for European Summer Music Festivals

  Music is in the air! It’s time to think about planning an excursion to your favourite European summer music festival. The aim is to pack efficiently so you are not lugging more than you need but still have the essentials. You need to be able to stay sheltered, well fed and healthy. Here are […]

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Surfing Abroad – How To Deal With Surfer’s Ear

  Usually during long-term trips abroad there is some kind of injury or illness to deal with from Bali belly to pink eye, we’ve experienced it all! Luckily, during our recent three month surf trip to Morocco, we didn’t encounter any issues, but one thing we’re always conscious of is… surfer’s ear! So I did a […]

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Tourist Hotspots in the Caribbean

  Travelling doesn’t always have to be about going to the furthest ends of the earth and finding the most unique and life enriching experiences, it can be about going to places and simply being a tourist. There’s nothing wrong with the doing the whole ‘touristy’ thing, so the next time you want to do […]

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6 Things You’ll Only Find In The World’s Best Hotels

  When booking the holiday of your dreams, splashing out can be so worth it, particularly when it comes to your accommodation. Checking into a high-class hotel or resort can really make your time away an experience to remember forever, and there are certain things that world’s best hotels provide that you just won’t be […]

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Bocas Del Torro

Why Panama Should Be Your Next Adventure

  Panama is a small patch of land in between Costa Rica and Colombia leading into South America. While both Costa Rica and Colombia are popular tourist areas, Panama is a destination that simply cannot be over looked. For any travel junkie, Panama should definitely be your next adventure. There is so much to do […]

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central park

Most Popular Instagram Locations In The World

  Sometimes on holiday, it might feel like a whole group of visitors are taking photos of the same landscape, sculpture or sunset.  But what are the most photographed places in the world. Instagram have collated their database and have published their most popular photo spots on the planet. The holiday experts at Travelbag have […]

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