Awesome Winter Holiday Destinations


Thinking of getting away this winter? We’ve visited plenty of awesome winter holiday destinations on our travels so far and have heard about even more. Here’s our list of awesome places to go when the temperature drops!


A Swedish Ice Hotel

Sweden is such an awesome place in the winter, but make sure that you wrap up warm. Something you have to experience if you make the trip over is an ice hotel. There are a few of them about these days, but our tip is to head up to Jukkasjarvi to the appropriately named Ice Hotel. It’s very popular, so get your booking in quickly if you want to experience a something rather extraordinary this winter. In fact, the northern half of Sweden is a great place to visit in the winter. The immense forests are filled with bears and wolves, and there’s a real sense of being somewhere that is entirely otherworldly.


Christmas In Lapland

Is there any better place for celebrating Christmas in Lapland? It’s the traditional home of you-know-who and all his little helpers. But it’s not just about Christmas. There are plenty of other super cool things to do as well – including getting down and dirty with the dogsled. So, if you fancy some husky safari fun in Lapland, head over there this winter for a trip you won’t forget. It’s perfect for romantic couples wanting their first Christmas break away together. And, of course, it’s great for families, too. You won’t believe your kids’ eyes when they see one of Santa’s awesome grottos.



Skiing In Alpbach, Austria

Alpbach is a great little place that offers a more intimate skiing experience than your typical resort. It’s great for couples or those that want to take things a bit slowly. And the views are just spectacular, with incredible mountains and cosy woodlands. In terms of the piste, there isn’t much here for expert skiers or snowboarders, but it has a groovy nightlife and plenty going on off-piste. Check it out if you haven’t  been before – and be prepared to munch on a lot of fondues!


A Winter Break in Scotland

If your budget is stopping you from going away this winter, then why not look at something closer to home? Scotland – especially the Highlands – can be a little rough and rugged. And freezing! But if you wrap up warm and enjoy the more naturalistic experience, don’t miss out. It’s right on your doorstep and has an incredible atmosphere whatever time of year you visit. Check out Shaw Croft and Hill Croft. They are two delectable five-star cottages in Sutherland and perfect if you’re looking for an isolated and stunning retreat.




That’s our four tips for a winter holiday this year. Do you have any to share? Of course, a winter holiday doesn’t have to mean sticking with the snow – there are plenty of sunnier options out there. But, there’s no doubt, if you are looking for something different, the ideas above will give you that in spades.


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