The Most Beautiful European Destinations To Visit This Spring


Spring is that time of the year when we say goodbye to winter and hello to warm and sunny days. With blooming trees and the sweetness in the air, Spring is probably the best season to discover some of the most beautiful European destinations.

We’ve catered a list with attractive locations that you can discover, visit and enjoy these coming months. From huge, cosmopolitan cities to smaller, picturesque towns, we’ve selected those places we are sure look and feel absolutely wonderful in the warmest months.

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Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is a beautiful Norwegian destination. It’s definitely the place to go if you love trekking, enjoy stunning scenic views and just want to spend some time relaxing and in close contact with nature. Stavanger is a very pleasant time to visit in Spring. Trees are blooming, snow is gone and you can spend your time walking along some of the best trekking places in the European continent.

The beaches in the area, even though they may not be that comfortable and welcoming for sunbathing and swimming, they do offer a perfect opportunity for observing the flora and fauna that surrounds you.

Finding accommodation is not problematic at all as there are various hotels available.




San Sebastian, Spain

Once the warmer days begin, Spain, with its warm and sunny weather is a magnet for tourists. San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, is not the exception to the rule. This dream destination offers visitors the perfect combination between amenable quality of life, a strong identity, relationship with nature and a nice balance between  tradition and modernism.

San Sebastian will surprise you with some of the most beautiful bays in the world. It’s a lively city bursting with an active nightlife, various discos, restaurants and bars, superb museums. The San Telmo Museum, the Aquarium de Donostia (walk through its crystal tunnel suspended in the water and surrounded by sharks and manta rays  is an experience you won’t forget!) or the Eureka Science Museum are just a few of the most surprising ones.

Needless to say, San Sebastian is a great shopping destination as well. It offers plenty of leisure and well-being areas for you to enjoy.

It’s definitely a great city to explore by car and discover some of the beautiful villages around San Sebastían.




Noordoostpolder, Holland

Spring won’t be Spring without any colourful flowers to enjoy and sniff at. If you want to enjoy the view of hundreds and hundreds of blooming colourful flowers, Noordoostpolder in Holland is your destination to go. Arriving there in Mid-April will surprise you with the famous Dutch tulips. If you arrive earlier, you’ll be welcomed by a stunning show of sparkling white daffodils and violet and pink hyacinths.

Once in Holland, you are advised to rent a car and drive around the country. Amsterdam is a cozy, small and welcoming city to enjoy at your leisure as well as Den Haag or Delft!


Landscape of Netherlands bouquet of tulips and windmills in the Netherlands.


Annecy, France

Annecy is probably one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Just as if it was taken directly from a fairy tale, it’s a great destination for a romantic Spring break. It’s a town to explore and discover in a relaxed way. Its little canals give the city a Venetian air. Annecy is famous for its coloured houses and its excellent film museum. Annecy Lake offers visitors with an adventurous spirit the opportunity to try out some water sports.

If you’ve rented a car to get to Annecy, make sure you don’t miss the chance to visit some of the beautiful surrounding cities: Menthon-Saint-Bernard, Duingt, or Talloires are just some of them.




Zadar, Croatia

It’s not since long that Croatia has made it to the top positions as desired travel destinations. Zadar is a Croatian city that probably summarises the best that this country has to offer to visitors: lots of nature, stunning landscapes and sunsets you can’t but fall in love with. Forget about getting bored in Zadar. From joining a boat cruise to discover the islands that face this beautiful city to discovering the charming town of Presko.

Renting a car allows you to discover Pitivice National Park, considered by many as one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Thinking of a road trip? Zadar is a great starting point for one in Croatia!





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  2. GLOBALHOPPERS.CO.UK 26 April, 2019 at 2:21 pm #

    Great post, thanks for sharingCroatia is my favorite place. Spain is one of the destinations which has year-round sunshine especially Tenerife.

    Majorca, Benidorm, and Tenerife are the most visited destination.

  3. David Miller 4 April, 2018 at 1:31 pm #

    Spring has always pushed travellers towards the Europe, Krk Island Croatia and London is one of my favourite destinations in April, silent and long walks with the beautiful bluebells in London is magical. This year France is in my to do list, waiting for the green signal from my GF wish me luck :D
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