Best Outdoor Activities for an Adventure in Sicily

Some holidays are for pure relaxation, some for adventure, but the best trip include a bit of both. Sicily is one of those places that offers the best of both worlds. It exudes peace and tranquility with the striking beauty of the nature on the island, but it also has wild landscapes that offer so much more than simply relaxing along the coastline. Combined with top class cuisine and beautiful architecture, it’s easy to see why Sicily is one of my favourite places to visit. If you prefer privacy and flexibility outside strict accommodation rules, you can check out one of the many Sicily villa rentals available on sites like Wishsicily: this way, you can work to your own schedule and make the most of what the island has to offer.

Here just a few of our favourite outdoor activities in Sicily…

Hiking Mt. Etna

It is absolutely worth hiking on Mount Etna. For one, it is simply a unique experience to hike on the island’s active volcano, it being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest active volcano in Europe. Mount Etna itself draws a number of visitors every year to Sicily. Two, the farther up you explore, you’ll be rewarded with picturesque with views of the sea and valley below. If you pack some lunch in your pack, you can have an impromptu picnic with a view of your choosing.

Trekking the Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples is a famous archaeological site and is an absolute unmissable UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island of Sicily. You can trek through the site, letting your imagination wander as you peak through a window in time.

Rafting along the Alcantara River

The Alcantara River flows through the Alcantara Gorge, made up of cliff faces and rock formations all the way down. Often some of the best views you can get is from the water, and if you raft along the Alcantara River, you’ll get to wind your way through the natural narrow river and be a participant in the exploration rather than just an observer. You get to experience the beauty of the river in a whole other way rafting along it.


Snorkelling is a classic island activity, and for good reason. There are a number of places to go in Sicily and you can simply bring your snorkeling gear with you to the sea whenever you go. A couple of popular places to go snorkeling are: Zingaro Nature Reserve, where you can hike along the trails and enjoy the bay and mountain views before beginning your snorkeling adventure and Ustica, Italy’s largest marine reserve.

This is just four activities you can plan to do on your trip to Sicily. So whether you prefer water sports, enjoying nature or visiting historical sites, Sicily has it all.

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