Scuba Diving – Our best locations so far…

Diving is the closest thing you can experience to being in space. It’s also a lot cheaper and you’ll find a lot more life under the sea; maybe even a mermaid or two…?

With 28 dives in five different countries under our belt we have developed a new obsession with being under water. We wanted to put together a quick review, providing a rundown of our favorite destinations. We have ranked them from 1 to 5, to get an in-depth review of each dive site just click the photo.

Our two favourite sites so far have been Roatan (off the coast of Honduras) and Little Corn (off the coast of Nicaragua). Both situated in the Caribbean Sea, needless to say they have crystal clear visibility and are teeming with sea life. Roatan, steals the award as our favourite site for its endless coral reef, diverse sea life and amazing wreck dive.

No. 1 Pick – Roatan, Honduras

No. 2 Pick – Little Corn, Nicaragua

The Best Of The Rest…

These are all worth a dive and are great places to visit with plenty to do on land, as well as underwater. During our dives the visibility was poor in all of these sites, however we were not visiting at peak time of the dive season, so be sure to check this before planning your dive. We recommend contacting one of the local dive shops before you go to get the best and most current info.

No.3 Pick – Bocas Del Toro, Panama

No. 4 Pick- Nha Trang, Vietnam

No.5 Pick- Koh Rong, Cambodia

Let us know your favorite dive site in the world and we will put it on our to do list.


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3 Responses to Scuba Diving – Our best locations so far…

  1. TurtlesTravel (@Turtlestravel) 9 January, 2014 at 8:26 pm #

    Our favorite spots so far were in Indonesia. We loved diving around Komodo National Park off of Flores. The Gilies were really nice as well. Roatan and Little Corn have been high on our list for a long time. Can’t wait to get there. We’ll be checking out your posts for tips.

    • Gaz 10 January, 2014 at 3:19 pm #

      We’re looking forward to Flores, hopefully we’ll get to do a live aboard there as we’ve both been dying to do one for over a year now. Roatan’s amazing, you won’t be disappointed! Have you made it up to Raja Ampat? We’re heading in that direction and hoping it’s going to be to die for…?


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