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For Nature Lovers Kenya Is The Perfect Travel Destination

  For anyone who loves nature, Kenya in East Africa is the perfect location for a getaway. Home to some of Africa’s most amazing wildlife and a combination of Savannah and lake lands, Kenya is an amazing place. Not only because of how beautiful it is, but also because of its abundant wildlife, making it […]

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Where I was sleeping

Amazing Places To Pitch Your Tent

  So, you’ve got your tent, your got your buddies, and you’ve booked the time off work. But where to go in this big wide world? Well, here are three ideas of places that will be truly worthy of your time. They are North Devon, Keya and California. Read on to find out more about […]

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Seven Places In The World You Have To Visit

  When it comes to holidays you want to make the right choice. Whether you are going away as a couple, a family or as an individual, the pressure to make the right decision can sometimes get a little overwhelming. A lot of people stick with what they know and feel comfortable with. But occasionally […]

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