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When Is The Best Time To Book A Flight?

  Over the years we have spent hours and hours searching for the cheapest flight prices and have noticed some patterns, which have helped us to snap up a few bargains. Choosing the correct month to fly, and day of the week to book, can be crucial to saving your pennies, so when Opodo released their report […]

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Holidaymakers – Cash VS Card

  One of the biggest issues facing holidaymakers in the 21st century is regarding currency and more specifically in what format to carry it. Finding a stress free solution to this issue isn’t always clear as the two main options; taking cash or taking a credit card both have their advantages and pitfalls. The constant […]

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How to Prepare for a Trip to London

  London is such a wonderful and multicultural city, why do you think we’re based here?! So, we’re going to use this guide to help you prepare for the perfect London trip.   Save Money We know how expensive holidays and trips can be. We also know how expensive London can appear if you’re an […]

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