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Ethical Travel: The Ethics of Amsterdam

  Ethical travel is one of the fundamental tenets of this blog, so although some may associate it with drugs, alcohol and prostitution, it’s important to remember that Amsterdam is a culturally vibrant, artistically nuanced and extremely ethically aware city. From its liberal politics to its ubiquitous cycling, the city has been an ethical focus […]

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FlightHub’s Guide To Ethical Travel: It’s Easier Than You Think!

  You’ve spent months preparing, saving and planning for your trip abroad. You’ve searched up hotels, excursions, currency and even projected weather forecasts to make sure your trip is the best it could be. But while you’re planning, FlightHub suggests taking a moment and reflecting on the potential foot-print our trip will leave, and opt […]

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Ethical Travel: Shark Crisis

Since learning to Scuba Dive two years ago on the beautiful island of Roatan, we’ve educated ourselves on the sea and become passionate about our world’s oceans. There’s an estimated 500 – 870 million people that directly depend on the oceans to survive and over 1billion people rely on fish as their primary source of […]

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