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The Importance of Taking a Break…

  Tired? Grouchy? A bit of a caffeine dependency forming? Taking breaks from work is something we all know is incredibly important to both our physical and mental health, so why is it that 1 in 3 of us in the UK don’t use all of our entitled annual leave? There are a multitude of […]

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Pacific Islander businesswoman sleeping on private jet

Travel Habits: The Good, The Bad and The Annoying

  We recently came across an interesting study carried out by Barcelo Travel Insights, that delved into the travel habit’s of UK holiday makers. Two of the most interesting discoveries were: 1.     Generation X see travel time as the most important factor on a short getaway, whereas Millennials are more concerned about letting loose in the […]

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Travel Tips For Amazing Adventures

  Travelling the world is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever take part in. The globe is teeming with interesting people to meet and fantastic destinations to visit. So here’s our top travel tips for amazing adventures. Take it in One of the best ways to understand what a place is like […]

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Wanderlust is killing me…

… and I’m sure I’m not the only one! As digital nomads, Gaz and I, have spent the best part of the last three and a half years on the road, and as I look back I think, ‘wow, I enjoyed every second. Why on earth have I come home?!’ But then I read a […]

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Blow away those January blues

For the first time in four years we’re at home in England for January, and we’re being reminded of just how harsh this time of year is in the Northern Hemisphere. I have to admit I spend most evenings scrolling through Pinterest looking at holiday boards displaying stunning pictures of white sand beaches, hidden coves […]

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coming home

The reality of coming home…

Now you might think this post is going to be all doom & gloom… but it’s not! Perhaps we are still in the honeymoon period, because so far, returning to England has been fantastic! We’ve come back in the height of summer (which was of course totally premeditated), bought a van named ‘Henry’ which we’re […]

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