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Travel Through Time In East London With Time Run

  Escape rooms are popping up all of the country but we have to say one of our favourites is Time Run in East London. So when we heard they had a whole new adventure, called The Celestial Chain, we had to go along and see if we could help save the world, of course! […]

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Top Immersive Experiences in London 2016

  Recently there has been a boom in immersive theatre, particularly in the capital where this has proved to be a big money… if executed correctly. Since we’ve settled in East London we’ve been fascinated with new phenomenon and how the British culture is moving towards more hand on experiences rather than simply watching a film […]

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London City Guide

[Guest Post] What matters most when choosing your trip?! If you’re looking for luxury, choice and a spot of culture all at a reasonable price then a trip to London could be the one. Read on to find out the must do’s in the British Capital… Why London? London city is often called the centre […]

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Do London In Style

  If you are going to visit London, then do it in style! How else could you approach one of the most exciting cities on the planet? London may not be for the fainthearted but heart it certainly does have. It will also take a little time to get to know London, so give yourself […]

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How to Prepare for a Trip to London

  London is such a wonderful and multicultural city, why do you think we’re based here?! So, we’re going to use this guide to help you prepare for the perfect London trip.   Save Money We know how expensive holidays and trips can be. We also know how expensive London can appear if you’re an […]

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