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What luxury travel means to us…

Best At Travel set us the challenge of writing about ‘what luxury travel means to us’, so here goes…. As a very sociable couple we spend most of our time, whether it be at home or abroad, surrounded by people. We love making new friends from different cultures and meeting up with old friends to […]

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Don't Forget To Move

#EpicMoments 005 – Don’t Forget To Move

For the fifth post in our guest blogging series ‘Epic Moments’, we chatted with Jules and Christine from the budget backpacking blog Don’t Forget To Move. We’re slightly envious of their epic moment because we haven’t been lucky enough to witness this special event… yet??! Read on to find out what they bumped into during […]

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Take the time to learn a new language…

We’ve been invited to write a blog post for the ‘Inspire Language Learning: Blogger Challenge‘ about what we think is the most important benefit of learning another language, is it traveling experiences, career, love life or brain power? You can easily argue that learning another language benefits all of these aspects of your life. For […]

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The Best and Worst of Nicaragua

I think we can safely say, Nicaragua has been one of the best countries either of us have ever been too. With the exchange rate at 23 cordobas to a dollar, which equals around 60p it’s incredibly cheap. A slap up meal (if you can find one) will cost around 3 quid and a taxi […]

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A quick detour to Ometepe

We decided it might be nice to take Ollie to Ometepe, one of the few areas on the backpacker route Gaz and I hadn’t seen in our time prior to his arrival. And unsure about whether we need to spend a whole week or more in the Corn Islands we headed to Ometepe for a […]

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Surfing in San Juan del Sur

After the crazy weekend we managed to pull our socks up and head to the Playa Hermosa to try to catch some surf. Check out the pics of Ollie getting totally wiped out… I photographed him because I could see him catching the wave late and knew he was about to get totalled! Yes that’s […]

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Semana Santa, San Juan del Sur

We’d heard a lot about this celebration but didn’t really know what to expect as the translation of Semana Santa simply means ‘Holy Week’. Apparently San Juan was the place to be to really get the party going and as this coincided with Ollie’s visit we had wanted to take him to San Juan to […]

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Two weeks with Mr.Ryan

When Ollie arrived a couple of weeks ago we greeted him at the airport with a nice cold glass of rum and ginger beer and as wise men always do, he came bearing gifts. The best gifts a girl could ever want – Easter Eggs! And with almost six months and no Cadbury’s I couldn’t […]

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