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Shark Fin Featured Image

Ethical Travel: Shark Crisis

Since learning to Scuba Dive two years ago on the beautiful island of Roatan, we’ve educated ourselves on the sea and become passionate about our world’s oceans. There’s an estimated 500 – 870 million people that directly depend on the oceans to survive and over 1billion people rely on fish as their primary source of […]

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Take the time to learn a new language…

We’ve been invited to write a blog post for the ‘Inspire Language Learning: Blogger Challenge‘ about what we think is the most important benefit of learning another language, is it traveling experiences, career, love life or brain power? You can easily argue that learning another language benefits all of these aspects of your life. For […]

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Coconut rum

The Best and Worst of Roatan

See the full gallery on Posterous Here’s my top five of Roatan…   The Good   1) Sunsets. Obviously the sunsets have to be top, it happens everyday and never gets any less spectacular. It always looks different depending on where you’re sat, the clouds, etc. I love it and Roatan definitely boasts a few […]

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The last supper

The Last Supper

  See the full gallery on Posterous I’d like to be able to say we sat on the beach and saw our last sunset in Roatan… but we didn’t, it was overcast and rained on and off throughout the day, which was a good thing, every negative made leaving a little easier. When we arrived […]

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Scuba Baz gets a camera

So underwater photography is a little harder than it looks, especially as we didn’t have a strobe light so all the fluorescent colours don’t look quite so fluorescent in the pics. But believe me the colours of the coral and the fish are so beautiful it gets seriously addictive.With the second largest coral reef in […]

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Roatan sunset

A standard day in Paradise (ish)

So we’ve been on Roatan for about six weeks now and although there are many downsides to this island (we’ve nicknamed it the Yorkshire Man’s Caribbean) we can’t deny it has moments where it feels like pure paradise. With beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and crystal clear waters, everyday we are reminded we’re very lucky to […]

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Grapefruit on the beach

A day trip to Camp Bay

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working hard to get organised and make some money. Extra social media work, meetings about the rum, tax returns and various work on the house we’re staying in. So on Friday we ‘took the day off’ and headed to Camp Bay. It’s right up in the East End […]

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Not impressed

The day we walked through S*!T

After a few Yoga sesh’s at the West End we found out there was a nice Yoga/Wellness retreat place really close to our house.. we just weren’t sure exactly where. So we got kitted out for a trek and headed down the dirt road. Having been told there was a path to the sea through […]

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Spam of course

A very spammy birthday

So what does a Yorkshire Man do for his girfriend on her birthday? Well, to those of you who know him, yes, he cooked up some Spam! Not only did the day start with a breakfast of egg and spam on toast (which I was informed was awful, obviously I didn’t eat any!) but it […]

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Petal surfing

‘Say hello to my little friend’

So yesterday we went to the village at the end of our driveway to drop off some homemade brownies to a few of the families, with the intention of returning feeling like we had done a good deed. After a few hours of chatting with a coffee and some coconut bread in the dark (they […]

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