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Packing for Your Surf Trip

  There’s nothing quite like being out in the ocean, becoming one with the sea as you ride the waves and try to master your surf technique, so it’s not surprising that more and more people are not only taking up surfing but are actually taking long surfing vacations, where they do little more than […]

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Surfing Abroad – How To Deal With Surfer’s Ear

  Usually during long-term trips abroad there is some kind of injury or illness to deal with from Bali belly to pink eye, we’ve experienced it all! Luckily, during our recent three month surf trip to Morocco, we didn’t encounter any issues, but one thing we’re always conscious of is… surfer’s ear! So I did a […]

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A Guide to Travelling Ecuador: The Pacific Coast

  Sitting on the equator between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador may be the smallest Andean nation but it’s packed with the most startling contrasts of scenery. With its astounding biodiversity, impressive historical legacy, stunning colonial architecture, bustling highland markets and diverse mix of people – blacks, whites, indigenous and mestizo – it’s easy to see […]

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Camping & Surfing in Portugal…

As most of our readers know, Gaz and I, love to surf. We spent last winter surfing everyday in Canggu, Bali and Siargao in the Philippines, this year we haven’t been quite so lucky but all hope is not lost! After doing a bit of research I realised we can have the same kind of […]

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Guide to Gilis

The 5 minute guide to Gili T

Gili T is the largest of the three Gili Islands with an estimated permanent population of about 800. Situated off the coast of Lombok, it’s reachable by a ten minute boat ride, or for those traveling from Bali, you can catch a two-hour boat from Padang Bai. Trawangan was the first of the three islands […]

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Backpacking in Sri Lanka

Backpacking Sri Lanka: Our Route

But with Sri Lanka only recently emerging as a new hot spot, there isn’t an obvious route and with so much on offer, picking a direction can be daunting. We spent many hours researching the areas and what activities were available. So whether you’re looking for a two-week whirlwind tour or a two-month turtle-paced race, […]

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jungut batu nusa lembongan

Finding Bali on Nusa Lembongan

Around two months ago we touched down in Bali, ready for some sun, sea and surf, and we weren’t disappointed! With world class surfing you’ll never be bored, whether you’re sat on the famous cliff tops at Ulawatu watching the pro-surfers riding barrels or renting a 9 foot foam board at Kuta beach to try […]

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