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Why England Is A Top Holiday Destination

England frequently gets a bad rap for its hospitality. We can’t keep blaming Basil Fawlty forty years after the fact. The English abroad have been known to be rude and brash, and those in customer service have been known to fail in noticing it is the customer that pays their wage. For some of us […]

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Wanderlust is killing me…

… and I’m sure I’m not the only one! As digital nomads, Gaz and I, have spent the best part of the last three and a half years on the road, and as I look back I think, ‘wow, I enjoyed every second. Why on earth have I come home?!’ But then I read a […]

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Blow away those January blues

For the first time in four years we’re at home in England for January, and we’re being reminded of just how harsh this time of year is in the Northern Hemisphere. I have to admit I spend most evenings scrolling through Pinterest looking at holiday boards displaying stunning pictures of white sand beaches, hidden coves […]

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