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A while ago we caught up with Nicole from A Life Less Beige to find out about her most epic travel moment, and with so many to choose from (including a marriage proposal) this wasn’t easy! Read on to find out more about diving in Vietnam, hiking the outback, and a trip to see one of the ancient wonders of the world.


1) Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

I’m Nicole – a girl who loves to travel and take (too many) photos. I was born and raised in New Zealand on long hot Summers and the outdoors, though currently London is home. Everywhere is on the doorstep from here! I have been hooked on travelling and seeing more of the world ever since setting off on my own to America two months after my 18th birthday. I spent a memorable eight weeks as a counselor and photography teacher at a Summer camp, followed by a few weeks of travel in Europe.

A Life Less Beige was created to inspire and encourage others to live their best lives by sharing my own experiences and amazing places I’ve been. To do more, see more and in general just add more colour to life. Rather than the destination, it’s all about enjoying the journey.


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2) What’s been your most epic travel moment?

This was the most difficult to answer as I have so many great travel memories from over the years – staying in a Fijian village with no power, or running water and spiders the size of your hand, hiking in the Outback of Australia, winning a Pacific Islands cruise as part of a dating game for a national radio competition…

A pretty epic moment though was visiting Egypt last year. I remember at the age of 10 looking through a photo album of my friend’s parents backpacking photos from the 1970’s. They had visited the Pyramids and I clearly remember thinking ‘I want to go there one day’. I can probably pinpoint this moment to being when my interest in travel was sparked. To finally see the pyramids, the Sphinx, Abu Simbel and other temples in person was unbelievable.

At Christmas my now fiancé also surprised me by proposing in Budapest, which is a pretty memorable travel moment! Very fitting that his proposal involved travel.


A Life Less Beige_The Outback 2


3) Where do you hope to travel to in 2014?

At the top of an ever-growing list of destinations, South Africa, Greece and China are my top three for 2014. China is to support and celebrate with my Mum as she runs the Great Wall of China half marathon for a milestone birthday. There will definitely be a few other getaways and city breaks as well – Rome, Istanbul, Marrakesh, Tallinn.


4) And what activities would you like to do?

In Vietnam a couple of years ago I discovered a love for scuba diving, so I’m always looking for more opportunities to explore underwater – I would really love to dive with turtles. That there is a whole other world below sea level is incredible. It’s a feeling like no other.

I’ve also always wanted to go on a safari and cage dive with sharks (yikes), so they’ll be on the list for South Africa and in China I will walk part of the Great Wall which will be amazing.


A Life Less Beige_Vietnam Underwater


5) If you could recommend one activity to our readers what would it be?

My home country, New Zealand is spectacular (even if I am a tad biased). The diverse landscapes make it a real natural beauty. Two of my favourite places are Wanaka and Queenstown – the adventure capital of New Zealand. Both are stunning parts of the world. Push your comfort zone and do the Nevis Bungy in Queenstown. It’s a traveller’s rite of passage when visiting. All 134m of it! The adrenaline rush starts as you inch your way along a cable, high above a canyon to the small gondola you leap from. Post jump will have you on a high for the rest of the day. I loved it so much I signed up to bungy again the next day. After your jump, treat yourself to a much-deserved Fergburger. There will be long queues, but their burgers are worth the wait.


Follow Nicole’s adventures on her travel blog ‘A Life Less Beige‘ or via Facebook and Twitter.

Nicole is up for a travel blogging award, Low Cost Holiday’s ‘New Kid On The Block’, so if you’ve enjoyed reading this post, please spare a second to cast your vote HERE



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