Essential Tips for Planning a Sailing Holiday in 2018


If you are planning to go on holiday as a family or in a large group, getting a yacht together means a cheaper but also freer holiday. Now is the best time to visit Greece and here are some advantages and the fun sides of a sailing holiday with family or friends.


Why a sailing holiday?

Family sailing holidays in Greece are a new and exciting adventure waiting for you. You get to enjoy all of the things a you would do on family beach holidays in Greece, but also enjoy visiting many different locations all in one go. It can be a cheaper alternative to other methods of travelling as you don’t have to pay for expensive hotels but still stay in relative luxury on a yacht. You can also take part in many different fun activities such as snorkelling, swimming beach barbecues and social events with other sailors. It also gives you a sense of freedom, you can choose where you are going and how long to stay. An excellent way to spend your family holiday in Greece.




What kind of sailing holiday should you take?

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or complete beginner there are a few different options when it comes to choosing a sailing holiday. Here are a couple to choose from to find the best fit for your family.

Flotilla holidays

This is considered the best type of sailing holiday for both groups and families.  Flotilla holidays are a group of yachts sailing together following a lead boat in the same itinerary. The groups usually consist of between 6 and 14 boats in the same flotilla.

For families or large groups this kind of holiday is great as the itinerary is already sorted and you can do as much or as little sailing as you wish. On the lead boat is a crew including a skipper, a host and a technician who will all give daily briefings so you will know exactly where you are going and how you are getting there.  The routes of Flotillas are planned as small hops between destinations so there are plenty of places to stop and explore. Your hosts will also plan things to do at your stops if you wish to be more sociable. You can join in or go off on your own its up to you.

Learning to sail holidays

If you want to give sailing a go then you can learn to sail as a family on a flotilla holiday. There are courses you can take before you book your holiday if you want to have some formal qualifications. However, you can also hire a skipper for a couple of days while you learn the rope or the whole trip if you wish. If you hire a skipper they will help and guide you to handle the yacht and teach you everything you need to know.

If you have older kids with they can have a go at learning to sail too. Teaching them how the boat works and navigating to the next port of call. On the other hand, if you want a break from sailing you can leave it to the skipper.

Yacht Charter Holidays

If you want complete freedom on your sailing holiday then you might want to consider chartering a yacht. You can sail yourself if you are qualified or you can hire a skipper, or even a full crew. This way you can make up your own itinerary and stay in places as long or as little as you like, depending on harbour restrictions. You can also change your mind on destinations if you wish.




Where to go?

Greece is a fantastic place to visit when sailing, as there are so many little islands and hidden gems to discover. Getting around by yacht means to can see places that are otherwise undiscoverable by any other means. Here are a few examples of where to go when sailing in Greece.

The Ioninan islands

These Islands are the perfect example of family friendly sailing destinations in Greece. There are lots of places to relax like the peaceful Zakynthos and Paxos. But there are also destinations such as Lefkada which offer adrenalin fuelled water sports and activities. It is also an area that is easier to sail for beginners. There are short hops between stops and the sheltered location mean the winds are not too strong to handle.

Sporades Islands, Greece

This route is quite difficult to sail and is best for experienced sailors. The wind here is known as the ‘meltemi’ which means a dry north-westerly wind which blows during the summer in the eastern Mediterranean. Some of the places to anchor are beautiful and you can still enjoy swimming and snorkelling in certain sheltered areas.

Kalamos Route

The Kalamos route means you venture to the two islands of Kalamos and Kastos and you can also take in the Southern coast of Lefkas and Vassiliki harbour. You’ll find a beautiful scenery and excellent flotilla cruising. The towns are relaxed and laid back giving you the chance to unwind at the traditional tavernas and soak up the magnificent atmosphere.




What to do on a sailing holiday?

As well as taking the time to learn how to sail the yacht, there are plenty of things to enjoy on your sailing holiday. Whether it’s as a group of friends, as a family or with fellow holiday makers here are a few things to think trying on a in and around your anchoring.


Rent equipment or bring your own and enjoy swimming and snorkelling pretty much anywhere you wish. There are many places your lead yacht crew will advise for the stopping and enjoying the underwater scenery.

Paddle boarding

When you anchor near the coast, this is an excellent way to explore little coves and bays. Where the water is calm and still is the best place for paddle boarding, so it is a weather dependant activity.

Beach BBQs and great food

Usually organised by your host, this social event is a memorable experience. Enjoy great Greek food cooked up by yourselves and fellow travellers and enjoy the incredible beach setting. Kids will love trying new things and helping with the cooking too.  Or you can venture to the local tavernas and experience some traditional Greek cuisine without the effort. The great thing is there is something for every family’s budget.

Exploring the harbours and towns

Of course, you visit Greece not only for the weather and waves but also for the amazing places you can visit. The towns and harbours along your route are full of interesting things to see, historical sites to explore and delicious food to try. Your lead crew will be able to tell you where to go depending on what your interests are.




So, is a sailing holiday in Greece right for you?

If you want the freedom to explore, beautiful weather to enjoy and historical sites to discover then Greece is the perfect destination. A sailing holiday means you can make the most of your time by visiting many different and fascinating places whilst having the time to relax and appreciate your setting.



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