Explore Britain Your Way Before Summer Ends


If you live in Britain and you’re thinking about going abroad before Summer ends, I have got one question for you. Why bother? The weather has been rather splendid here lately, and there’s still a few more weeks before Summer officially ends. Even if you are busy, you could always take a long weekend to explore the island you grew up on but have probably never really discovered. I think for your next vacation you should explore Britain and here’s why.


Deep In The Highlands

You can start your journey at the top of the UK in the highlands of Scotland. Here, you will see some incredible scenery and witness nature roam free. Great stags will gallop freely by the roadsides, and you can see eagles soaring in the sky. There are many national parks to trek through where you can find even more exciting wildlife and discover the heritage sites of Scotland. It’s sure to be a trip worth taking, but it won’t end there. After that, you should head to the coast. Here, you can get a guided dolphin sightseeing boat ride around Scotland’s most glorious headlands. Dolphins are remarkably sociable creatures even in the wild and often greet boats that pass by.


The Heart Of Scotland

Once you have journeyed through the islands, you can head further down and visit the heart of the country. Edinburgh is a peculiar city. It has everything you would expect from the modern world with architecture preserved from decades ago. It is truly a romantic sight to behold, and you will love getting lost down some of the cobbled streets. Before you hit the lines of stores, be sure to visit Edinburgh Castle and the museum to travel back into the past in a remarkable way. If you are visiting at the end of the year, Edinburgh Castle is also the location of the best Hogmanay party in the country.  




To The North Of England

Keep heading further down the country, perhaps stopping for a picnic in Gretna Green. A small town famous for the many weddings held here. As you head into England you must visit the Peak District to see some beautiful scenery, as well as another point in history. Here you can explore the dambuster training route, the famous location where the bouncing bomb was tested. If you want my advice, you’ll take a guided helicopter tour over the location for a once in a lifetime experience.

After that, it’s time to head to Liverpool to visit the birthplace of one of the greatest bands of all time. Here you can take a guided tour through the city to the places where they used to live, hang out and even play. This trip down Cherry Lane is sure to be a hit amongst any music lovers out there.


The Crown Jewel




Finally, finish off your trip by heading down to London. Relax in one of the greatest hotels in the world by night and then set out to explore the city through the day. I certainly recommend going on the London Eye, at least once as well as visiting the Tower Of London.


But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to see and do in Britain; you’d be crazy to miss it.



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