FlightHub’s Guide To Ethical Travel: It’s Easier Than You Think!


You’ve spent months preparing, saving and planning for your trip abroad. You’ve searched up hotels, excursions, currency and even projected weather forecasts to make sure your trip is the best it could be. But while you’re planning, FlightHub suggests taking a moment and reflecting on the potential foot-print our trip will leave, and opt for planning a more eco-ethical travel itinerary. FlightHub Reviews has compiled a guide to ethical travel, featuring a go-to list of all the things you should consider when trying to plan your next trip ethically and environmentally-conscious!


Look for Accommodations that are aware of their ecological footprint.

It’s easy for many of us to get into bad and wasteful habits while on the road. Without the comforts and routine of home. With this in mind, FlightHub recommends doing some investigative work and see what the hospitality industry is doing to better manage waste in the country you’re visiting. Many hostels and hotels are already working towards conserving and minimizing the unnecessary waste for their guests while not interrupting their stay!

FlightHub suggests consulting Hosteling International’s Sustainability winners and see for yourself which establishments have embraced the eco-tourism movement. If you don’t see an establishment you like, or if they’re all booked, fear not, FlightHub has some easy tips to remember when trying to keep green when travelling like not changing your sheets or towels until your stay is over. Though there’s nothing quite like fresh towels and a perfectly turned down bed, opting to save your linens until you’re your stay is over is a great way to save water and other energy costs.


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Try to take non-stop flights.

Though this may not be the most affordable option for many, taking direct flights to your final destination will cut down on fuel costs. In addition, the majority of a plane’s carbon emission comes from takeoff and landing, so minimizing how many planes you take is a way to make your flight more environmentally-conscious. FlightHub recommends checking prices for flights on Tuesdays, six weeks prior to your departure date to find the best prices for your tickets!


Eat Local

Eating local has always been a way to keep environmentally-conscious while on the road, and is easy on the wallet too! Opt out of eating at chain restaurants and instead frequent local food stalls for fresh and seasonal delicacies.





Don’t visit sanctuaries unless they’ve been certified, or opt to work on a local farm or shelter.

Animal tourism has seen a steady rise in recent years with many people hoping for a cool photo-op with exotic animals while traveling abroad. Many of these organizations claim to be sanctuaries, but unless they’re certified and recognized as an animal haven, they’re nothing more than a glorified petting zoo with extremely volatile and exotic animals. If you’re committed to spending time with animals while abroad, FlightHub recommends researching establishments that offer work-stay programs, or volunteer your time at established sanctuaries.


Don’t bring any more or any less than you need!

FlightHub recommends avoiding unnecessary waste while you travel starts with your packing habits. Don’t bring any more or any less than you need! Bringing reusable water bottles, laundry bags, or anything you believe would minimize your waste while abroad.



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