FlightHub’s Guide To Seeing Copenhagen Like A Pro!


Visiting the Danish city of Copenhagen is a must for anyone doing a trek around Europe, especially in their early twenties to mid-thirties. As wanderlust sets in, FlightHub Review has put together the ultimate guide to seeing Copenhagen like a pro, so you can become part of this Danish-Wonder World.


Where to stay

In one of the oldest cities in Northern Europe, choosing where to stay in Copenhagen can be a difficult task. Though Indre By (or the Old City) is full of wonderful sites and sounds, and is home to the city’s most stunning museums and architecture, FlightHub believes that those seeking a more authentic Copenhagen visit should opt for the Vesterbro or Nørrebro districts. In Vesterbro you’ll find the trendiest cafes, galleries and artist-types that’ll keep you busy crawling from coffee shop to pastry shop. But don’t let the trendiness of the borough dissuade you, folks who live in Vesterbo know how to throw down on these cobblestone streets once night comes!

Another alternative to Vesterbro is Nørrebro. Located adjacent to Indre By but separated by The Lakes, or Søerne, this neighborhood is perfect if you’re looking to get a little wild in Copenhagen. From cheap hostels to even cheaper bars, this area is ripe for budget travelers looking to meet and make friends while abroad.





Let me be part of your world!

If you didn’t know, the story of Disney’s most classic princess movie The Little Mermaid was originally a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. There are enough articles circulating around the internet about the tale’s gruesome origins, but a trip to Copenhagen isn’t complete without a visit to the Mermaid Statue. FlightHub suggests heading out to the Langelinie promenade and make your way to the bronze statue of the mermaid on the rock. The statue was created in 1913 and since then has become an integral part of this waterside. Make sure to snap some quick pics with the ultimate lady of the sea before heading off to your next adventure.


See Tivoli

Depending on your mood, Tivoli has it all: quiet green paths filled with beautiful gardens and flowers in full bloom, on the other hand, Tivoli is also home to one of the oldest and most rambunctious amusement parks and both sides of Tivoli are equally famous in their own right.  With dance and theatre performances and excellent dining options, Tivoli is a perfect way to spend the day in Copenhagen and is a FlightHub can’t-miss!




Visit Utopia

As a self-proclaimed autonomous region of Copenhagen, Christiania—or Freetown Christiania—is home to a commune of over 850 people and was established in 1971. This green and car-free, hippie neighbourhood is a community that mixes both old military barracks with homemade homes and paths. When visiting Christiania, FlightHub strongly encourages you to follow the rules listed prior to entering the region.



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