Get The Most Out Of Your Cruise Experience


If you love cruising, we’ve pulled together our top tips for making the most of your cruise adventure to soak up the local culture, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned cruiser. Inspired by the new Larry Lamb series, ‘Cruise Mates’!




Make The Most Of Your Time

You might only be stopping off at a spot for an hour or two, or visiting an island for half a day; so planning your time is essential to getting the most out of your cruise experience.


Check Out The Organised Excursions

At each stop there will be a variety of organised excursions on offer to help you make the most of the time you have at that stop. It is worth doing your homework before you go to plan which trips you’d like to do with an organisation and when you’d rather go it alone.


Sample The Local Cuisine

Although the food on the ship is sure to be delicious it’s always worthwhile immersing yourself in a new location by visiting a local food market to have lunch, buy some souvenirs or try a speciality dish.


Chat To The Locals

Connecting with local people is one of the best things about travelling. Locals tend to have a wealth of experience far deeper than those of any tourist, no matter how well travelled, so if you’re in a bar and looking for a place to eat dinner, don’t be afraid to ask the staff where you can find the best spots.


Don’t Miss The Boat

Remember if you find yourself exploring on your own always allow extra time to make it back to the ship before its due to leave. Being left behind on a sunny beach doesn’t sound too bad, but you won’t want to miss out on where you’re headed next. An added bonus of taking a ship’s excursion is that the captain will wait if your tour bus is delayed, so you can relax and enjoy your excursion stress free.


More About The Show…

The new Thomson Cruises video series with I’m a Celebrity favourite and TV star, Larry Lamb, ‘Cruise Mates’, encourages cruise goers to follow in Larry’s footsteps and make the most of their trip by getting off the boat to do a spot of exploring and meet some local people. During his trips to Barcelona, Palma and Ibiza Larry meets an eclectic and diverse mixture of vibrant locals who all have a story to tell, which really adds to his trip.



This series follows a recent world-first study from Thomson Cruises and the Human Nature Research Lab at Yale University, which proved that Brits who bond with up to five new people from different cultures whilst on holiday can experience a happiness boost of 10%.

Check out the other two episodes in which Larry visits Palma and Barcelona.


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