Getting Prepared For Luxury And Adventure In Tanzania


So, you want to have the luxury holiday experience that everyone’s talking about, but you haven’t decided on a destination. Have you ever thought of the east African country of Tanzania? Rich with culture, with the most beautiful weather and awe-inspiring creatures you can see on the planet, we recommend you do. Take a holiday at the coast or on the islands of the country. You’ll experience the kind of paradise you thought only existed in television adverts.




Budgeting for your luxury holiday

Even if you’re not the richest of people, you shouldn’t feel that true luxury experience is beyond you. Anyone can enjoy a luxury break if you prepare right. Avoiding the busy times to go on a holiday can be just one way of cutting the price right down. Remember, just because the weather’s drab where you’re living doesn’t mean it’s a bad season for where you’re going. In fact, Tanzania doesn’t have a winter. There are rainy seasons from late-October to late-December and March to May. That still leaves you plenty of off-peak travelling time to take advantage of.



There are lots of hotels and different types of accommodation on the mainland. However, if you want luxury, consider getting yourself on a private marine resort. Thanda Island is one of the resorts available, with private beaches and experiences like you’ve never had before. Have your every woe taken care of and every delight at your fingertips. Plus, you have the bonus of avoiding some of the more crowded tourist spots.




Seeing the wildlife

From Thanda Island or several other spots, you have the option of seeing some of the rarest and most majestic animals on earth. Ngorongoro isn’t too difficult a spot to reach and houses some of the world’s most precious endangered animals. It’s also a great spot for experiencing the proud culture of the Maasai people. Enjoy your holiday responsibly. Visit reserves that use your money to better care for some of the most beautiful living creatures.




Stone Town

The “soul of the Zanzibar archipelago”, Stone Town is a place you have to see to believe. Architecturally and culturally unique, the town has been named on Unesco’s World Heritage list. See people, arts and museums that are bound to enflame that explorative spirit of yours. Try dining experiences unique amongst the whole world. Take a ship along the coast and admire architecture that should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you want to see the best of Tanzanian culture, this is the place.



The waters around the islands and resorts of the archipelago are too inviting not to dive into. Take a snorkelling trip under the surface with an instructor and see some of the brightest coral and fishes available in the world.


Tanzania is all of what makes Africa a great holiday destination. Luxury treatment in a hidden retreat. Wildlife so raw and powerful the sight will stay with you for life. Culture you will want to visit again and again. If you’re looking for luxury and new experiences, this is the place for you.




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