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One of the biggest issues facing holidaymakers in the 21st century is regarding currency and more specifically in what format to carry it. Finding a stress free solution to this issue isn’t always clear as the two main options; taking cash or taking a credit card both have their advantages and pitfalls. The constant changing of exchange rates or the stress of having to call your bank abroad in case of an emergency, are all factors that worry holidaymakers. To find out exactly what holiday makers prefer to take out of cash and card, our friends over at Book Mallorca have provided us with their recent survey results.

The data found that 63.5% of people prefer to bring cash with them on holiday rather than card. This suggests that the majority of participants like to use age old methods rather than trust the newer methods of payment such as credit cards. Interestingly when looking at the male/female split 68.5% of females would prefer to use cash compared to 60.5% of males. This goes to show that men are more likely to use credit cards abroad than women, however the majority would still prefer to use cash. The same difference is apparent when we compare 39.5% of males who said they would prefer to use card abroad compared to just 31.5% of females.

These results clearly show that people are more comfortable with cash rather than card. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to both methods.





Managing your money with cash is a safe way to buy items abroad. It’s undeniably used everywhere; in the hotel, in restaurants or for street vendors. For this reason alone, it’s a pretty secure way to make transactions. The main issue with cash is that people fear losing it. Many hotels will provide a safe within the hotel therefore reducing the quantities of cash on your person. This is helpful as losing all your cash on day one of the holiday would be a disaster.


Credit Cards

Credit cards have some great advantages when used abroad, such as the same payment protections as you would have at home as well as having the flexibility of only having to carry your card around. Card users are still cautious of losing their credit cards abroad but luckily online banking apps and hotel WI-FI should make this process a lot easier. The main issues most credit card users report whilst abroad is the various charges and fluctuating exchange rates. This can make paying with card inconsistent leaving you problems with budgeting. Users also report problems with using cards in certain places on holiday. In countries outside of Europe and the U.S, credit card usage is a lot less prevalent and can consequently leave you short when trying to pay for your meal!


If you are still unsure as to what method to use, then it’s worth taking both! Split your money 50/50 on cash and card. This way you are minimising the chances of coming up short.




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