Honeymoon Hotspots To Include In Your China Tour This Valentine’s Day


Your honeymoon isn’t just another vacation. It’s a celebration of your union and will be the vacation you document the most and remember forever. Even though it may seem surprising, China is a wonderful place to honeymoon because it does have everything from a winter wonderland festival to romance to entertainment.





– Shanghai features age-old classic romance for honeymooners. If you’re looking for a scenic walk, explore the Bund in Shanghai. It features different styles of colonial buildings near the Huangpu River. It’s stunning to see at night, especially if you arrange to have a romantic candlelight dinner overlooking the Bund and Shanghai skyline. After your night time stroll, consider listening to some jazz at one of Shanghai’s many night clubs.



– Lijiang is ideal for honeymooners because it’s quieter than the big cities. Some couples enjoy just walking or biking along the cobblestone roads and exploring Lijiang’s Old Town shops and learning about the indigenous Naxi people. But there is so much more to see, including hiking along Tiger Leaping Gorge and seeing some stunning landscapes. Consider staying at a luxurious resort, such as the Banyan Tree, which is right near the gorge. A tours and holidays specialist like The China Travel Company can help you with your travel needs.



– Nanjing hosts China’s largest Lantern Festival, which this year occurs on February 11th.  It occurs at the end of Chinese New Year and marks the beginning of spring.  Watching the lighting of the lanterns is the highlight of the festival as they stand for good luck, and you’ll find them in different Chinese astrology shapes like dragons or goats.  For a more romantic option, travel another hour to Tangshan and soak in China’s oldest hot spring with running natural mineral water.



– Looking for some fun and sun along with your culture?  Located on the southern tip of Hainan Island, Sanya offers white sand beaches, romantic sunsets and tropical gardens perfect for a romantic honeymoon. You’ll still have time to explore nearby Buddhist temples.



– Dali is known as one of the most romantic places in China with its relaxing cafes, picturesque mountains and lakes, and charming ambiance. The Bai ethnic group settled here in the 8th century, and you can take a boat out the smaller villages and explore it together and go antiquing or eating at a little café.



– Alternatively, if you prefer winter then head to Harbin for a winter wonderland and lots of snuggling with your new spouse. The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival runs from early January to late February so look at some of the stunning creations with your spouse then share some hot chocolate to stay warm. If you want to stay active, try some downhill skiing or ice skating and then relax at a hot tub or spa.



If you need help sorting out which cities and attractions to add to your honeymoon tour, just ask a reliable travel agency. They have travel specialists who can guide you with your itinerary and other travel needs.



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