House Sit No.1 – Laguna Beach, California

Our first house sit was a beautiful beach front house in the affluent area of Laguna Beach, about 40 minutes south of Los Angeles. We applied for the house sit just before we booking our flights to travel around the world and when we spied this one we jumped at the chance as flights into LAX from the UK were pretty cheap and we were heading for Central America anyway.

The home owners Eden and John were heading to Peru to get married and wanted us to take care of the exotic plants and their black cat, Panther. When we arrived, we were a little nervous as it was our first proper house sit abroad, however Eden and John had one lot of house sitters there before so they knew the score and such lovely people they put us at ease straight away. As they had a flight to catch we only had about half an hour with them before they rushed out of the door for the airport. The house was gorgeous, thanks to Eden, who was an interior designer.



We loved Laguna Beach, and got fit walking up and down all of the hills. It was November time so although it was technically winter, the climate was nice and we still sun bathed on the beach and dined outside.

After the wedding in Peru they were due back for one week before heading to New Orleans to have an official US ceremony with their friends and family. So we renter a van which had been converted into a camper, from Wicked Campers. We didn’t want to blow too much money as this was just an added stop, so renting Mr.Pewter the camper meant we could live in the van, there was a mattress, a stove, cooking equipment, storage space, etc, the only thing we lacked was a toilet and a shower. However Walmart is famous for letting vehicles pitch up over night and take advantage of their 24 hour opening hours. Although it is a bit fo a pain getting dressed and running across a car park in the middle of the night just so you can have a pee! During this week we drove up California’s Route 1, visited San Fransisco and partied in Vegas, before heading back to Laguna for week two of house sitting.

We loved everything about this house sit, Panther the cat was great fun to be around and didn’t require too much of our time as she slept for most of the day. The scenery was awesome and having sometime mid-house sit meant we were able to explore the area and neighboring cities.



3 Responses to House Sit No.1 – Laguna Beach, California

  1. KarolinaPatryk travelling couple blog 3 August, 2014 at 12:38 pm #

    We’ve always wanted to take care of houses but we have NO IDEA how to start. We were sending many applications but we always get response that we need to have more experience. But how can we be experienced if nobody gives a chance to start?
    Can you please give us some tips what can we do? :)

    Btw you have awesome blog! We will definately come back here :)

  2. Jacqueline Bambenek 14 February, 2014 at 12:12 am #

    Congratulations on your beautiful experience enjoying your Laguna Beach house and pet sitting opportunity. My last assignment was for five months on Vieques Island and I am hoping to find a sitting position in the Laguna area in the near future. Best wishes to you on your future adventures and explorations. :)

    • Beth 14 February, 2014 at 5:45 am #

      Thanks Jacqueline. We really loved Laguna Beach, and we enjoyed Venice Beach a lot too. I expect it’s even more fantastic in the summer time! I remember seeing a house sit on Vieques Island a while back, perhaps it was the same posting?! How was it? 5 months is a long time to house sit on a small island. We had to cut our house sit on Roatan short (from 6 months to 3 months) because we realised 6 months is actually quite a long time to be in the middle of nowhere! :)

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