House Sit No.4 – East Dulwich, London

We thought it was about time we did a bit more house sitting in our own country and as we were considering a move to London, we saw this house sit and thought it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the big smoke. Plus, we’d been in Leeds for months and hadn’t much animal interaction so were looking forward to taking care of the dogs, James and Maisy and three cats, Dylan, Jake and their mum Bella.

We used the two weeks as time to have meetings in London, visit friends and explore an area that was new to us, East Dulwich, a lovely up and coming area of South East London. There was a huge park for us to walk the dogs in everyday and lots of other green spots we could use to mix it up a bit for the dogs. We’ll definitely carry out more house sits in the UK, it was nice to have easy and cheap transport, to know people in the area but yet you get that holiday vibe and excitement of exploring an unknown place.


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