How to Plan A Stress Relief Outdoor Activity Holiday


Walking holidays, outdoor adventures and activities in the nature are good for your mind, body and soul. While challenging yourself on the paths along nature, you will ease your daily life stress. Getting outside is good for you and has never been easier with lots of different things you can try and places you can go in the UK. Here’s how to plan an outdoor activity holiday to relieve stress and rejuvenate.


Why an outdoor holiday for stress relief?

It is proven that getting outside in the fresh air is good for your health. In fact, the NHS agrees that physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety as studies have shown. You will feel more energised and enjoy your time exercising and getting out exploring nature. It doesn’t have to be strenuous but enjoying the outdoors especially if you work in an office can do wonders for both your physical and mental well-being.


What will you need?

If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors on your holiday there are a few essentials you will need for your trip. Even if you aren’t taking part in activities where you need special gear. Layered clothing is essential as well as waterproof coat or jacket in case the weather turns. You also need to find some good walking boots like these best hiking boots at Remember to wear your boots in before your holiday in order to soften them and prevent blisters. A good backpack or daypack is also recommended to store your essentials. This will hold your snacks, water extra layers and first aid kit if necessary.


Where to go for an activity holiday in the UK?

There are many different destinations in the UK that are perfect for exploring the natural landscapes and trying some outdoor activities. Holiday packages are available in all of these areas too to take the stress out of organising what to do. Here are a few places that are recommended for a stress relief outdoor activity holiday.



The Peak District

As its name suggests there are some hilly peaks and mountains to climb in this area.  There’s the iconic Pennine Way which is an excellent place for a hike. You’ll also find some National Trust sites such as Dovedale and its historic stepping stones. There are lots of activities to try here or you can explore the history including the old mill stone situated here.

Snowdonia National Park

Home of the tallest mountain in Wales, Snowdon, this national park has plenty of different landscapes to explore and discover. The historic area is diverse and wild, there’s waterfalls, lakes and mountain biking trails and even the vintage steam railway to get you to the top of Snowdon if you don’t fancy hiking all the way to the top.

The Lake District

As England’s largest National Park, the Lake district is a popular choice for outdoor activity seekers. It is home to Scafell Pike the highest mountain in England and Wastwater the deepest lake. The views in this area are fantastic and there are plenty of choices when it comes to activities. Water activities are popular with there being many lakes to choose from, but the walking possibilities are endless too.

The Scottish Highlands

This part of the UK includes the top Scottish sites of Loch Ness and Ben Nevis. The mountainous region offers the perfect landscape for adventurers to explore and to try some great activities. Whether you want to climb the highest mountain in the UK or to wander round the beautiful lakes, there are lots of things you can do in this stunning area.


What activities to try?

No matter what your age or fitness, there are lots of different outdoor activities you can try to help you relieve stress and relax. So, if you are looking for an adventurous new activity to try or just somewhere to go and take a leisurely stroll there is something out there for you to do.

Hiking or walking

This can be as difficult or easy as you like depending on the trail you choose and how long you want to walk for. Up and down the country there are countless trails to take and tracks to follow. You can find maps of trails all across Great Britain that are free to download and follow. If you are not that confident about taking to the hills on your own, you could join a walking tour or take a walking holiday. This way you will meet like minded people whilst being guided by an expert.

Mountain Biking

This is a cheap and easy activity to get into and it doesn’t have to be too difficult either. Again, there are lots of trails out there and you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to try it out to see if you enjoy it. When you choose an activity holiday, your destination will usually have everything you need to hire for a mountain biking trip. You can get a lot further a lot quicker when mountain biking compared to walking. That means you can enjoy some fantastic views as a result of your biking outings.



Kayaking or Canoeing

If water is more your thing then why not take to one of the many lakes in the UK and try kayaking or canoeing. It can be hard work, but it is also very relaxing and calming, especially when you are kayaking across a still lake. You can really connect with nature in this environment and forget about the regular stresses of daily life. You can hire a kayak or canoe and safety equipment, or you can book on a guided tour with a group and a guide.

White Water Rafting

Another water activity but a bit more adventurous. Book a trip to one of the many fast flowing rivers and work as a team to navigate the waters along different routes. It is not an easy thing to do and get ready to get wet and thrown about a bit in the raft. But once you have completed your journey down the river, you will be proud and feel better about yourself because of your achievement. Stress relief and improved self confidence in one activity.

Horse riding

Do you like to get close to nature and love animals? Then horse riding might be the activity for you. Caring for animals is known to help people relax and destress, so why not get close to these lovely creatures and take a ride through the countryside. Book yourself on a day tour, or take a whole riding holiday. Riding for a long time can take its toll, but the benefits of the fresh air and exercise are definitely worth it.


So, how about an activity holiday to relieve that stress?

As you can see there are many different places and different activities to try on your outdoor activity holiday. Whichever destination you choose or activity you try, you can be sure that getting outside and exercising will help reduce your stress and increase your happiness. With those benefits why wouldn’t you want to go book your trip now?



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  1. John Spear 16 April, 2019 at 10:56 am #

    In Summer Kayaking and white water rafting is something that can give you the relaxation from the regular stress, I always took some days off in between hot summer and drive in the water! Thanks for sharing the Information would be helpful for the coming summer :)
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  2. Mark Stewart 20 November, 2018 at 7:28 pm #

    While staying in North Wales we wanted to see Mount Snowdon and maybe take the train to the top but when we arrived we realised that we need to book online well in advance and on that day it was fully booked. So our only option was to walk but without realising it we took the hard route and it was bit to much for us as someone from our party had recently suffer from concussion. Just wish we could find the sign for the easy route. Maybe better signage would be nice.
    One big thing that really annoyed us is the amount dog poo scattered everywhere it is so disappointing and so not necessary.
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  3. Donovan Shai 25 September, 2018 at 12:24 pm #

    Nice..thanx for sharing with us, keep posting..

  4. Donovan Shai 25 September, 2018 at 12:22 pm #

    Excellent Article with much-needed information

  5. Karen Ching 6 September, 2018 at 3:51 am #

    I’d surely be pumped to do activities when I have a view like that! It’s so awesome and looks so beautiful!

  6. Sharon 16 August, 2018 at 9:29 pm #

    Hi Beth & Gaz,

    So envious of your travels, who wouldn’t be. :-)

    Thanks for the action plans, really helps when you are trying to put together a vacation.

    Cheers Sharon…
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