How to Prepare for a Trip to London


London is such a wonderful and multicultural city, why do you think we’re based here?! So, we’re going to use this guide to help you prepare for the perfect London trip.


Save Money

We know how expensive holidays and trips can be. We also know how expensive London can appear if you’re an outsider. That’s why our first piece of advice to you would be to save money before you go. Of course, it’s entirely possible to enjoy a trip to London on a budget. Our newbies guide to Westminster proves this. But it can’t hurt to have some money saved up to make your trip a bit more memorable.


Decide Where to Stay

Of course, one of the key aspects of any trip is the accommodation. We like to try to stay somewhere a little different each time we go away. Different types of accommodation allow for different experiences. If you wanted to stay in a hotel we’d recommend the Holiday Inn if you’re on a budget. You might even think about staying at Carlton Court apartments in Mayfair instead. This will allow you to add a bit of luxury to the trip. We’ve stayed in apartments before, and they’re great because there’s much more space.




To-Do List

Whenever we’re planning on going anywhere one of the first things we do is write out a to-do list. We each think up things we’d like to do during the trip, and we get them down on paper. Then we can plan if and when to do them. London has so many things to offer you. You could do the tourist thing if that interests you. Or you might decide you’d like to visit the different restaurants and eateries London has. Then there is all manner of bars and off-Broadway shows to tickle your fancy. We could literally spend hours listing them, but it’s better to have a look yourself. It enhances the experience for you.


Print Some Maps Out

If we ever go anywhere new we always make sure that we are prepared with maps and such. It’s important to do this ahead of time and try to familiarise yourselves with the route. London is so big and intimidating that it’s easy to get lost out there. Having maps to refer to will make things much easier for you. Of course, these days, all that type of thing can be done using your smartphone. We both have Google Maps, and it often proves a lifesaver when trying to get somewhere quickly.


Be Vigilant

We’ve never had anything other than a whale of a time in London. But that doesn’t mean you should treat it like you would home. It’s an enormous city full of a huge variety of people. This means you will need to be on your guard in certain areas. But it’s just a case of being sensible. We made sure we knew about the areas that were less safe after dark. We also never flash our cash when we’re out and about. Another thing you need to do is try to avoid looking like a tourist. Someone might try to take advantage of you if they think you’re an out-of-towner.


London is full of excitement and possibility, yes, you need to be careful, but this applies anywhere. We hope our tips on how to prepare for a trip to London will help you to have a fantastic and unforgettable trip to one of the world’s greatest cities.


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    Hi again, Beth!
    So pleased to see that you’re based in London. Imagine you’re off travelling, but if you’re in town on 11 Sept for a Friday Late at the British Museum, come join my Treasure Hunt at the (British) Museum. And if you happen to be here before would really be lovely to meet you! So pleased to have found you on Twitter!
    Kind regards,
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