The Ideal Plan for 5-6 Weeks of Travelling in Australia and New Zealand


Australia and New Zealand are historically very popular travel destinations for British citizens. One of the primary reasons for this is the close cultural ties that the countries have to England. One such tie is that Australia and New Zealand all have a very high level of English, which makes them easy to navigate for British citizens. That being said, if British citizens are going to travel the long distance to Australia, they are going to have to be sure that they have the adequate amount of time to enjoy themselves and the money to cover their expenses.

British citizens interested in making the trip to Australia and New Zealand should have a working knowledge of the pounds to Australian Dollars and the pounds to New Zealand Dollars exchange. Before arrival, they should plan on buying AUD/NZD prior to leaving England. By doing so, they will have the best GBP to AUD/NZD exchange rate.

You can easily check the Asda currency exchange rates or any other provider of travel money, and pick whichever will provide the best deal. Every pound counts in the end.

When British citizens are travelling to Australia and New Zealand, they should consider the following places in order to enjoy a 5-6 week holiday:


Places to Visit in Australia


  1. Sydney: Sydney is a great place to commence a trip to Australia from abroad due to the diversity of flights from around the globe that do fly to Sydney. Sydney has many distinct landmarks such as its Opera House to offer to travellers. Additionally, for those that enjoy wine tasting, there are several vineyards that grow just outside of Sydney that make for great day trips. Lastly, there are many famous beaches that are close to Sydney such as: Bondi and Manly. Ideally, planning to stay a week in the vicinity of Sydney would make for a delightful and relaxing part of your holiday that offers diverse activities.


  1. Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is a globally famous place to see diverse ocean species. For divers, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the best places for diving. For this reason, the Great Barrier Reef has become a tourist destination where travellers can go see the reef, but also spend a few days relaxing on the beach at a local resort. Depending on the traveller, there are also alternative ways to see the reef including helicopter tours, which are quite beautiful. Ideally for the Great Barrier Reef, it is best to allow at least five days in the middle of your holiday so that you can recover from the long flight to Australia.


  1. Alice Springs: Alice Springs is located roughly 1500 km away from the nearest major city in Australia. For travellers looking for a diverse array of activities, Alice Springs Offers everything from visits to local Aboriginal communities to hikes with views of desert landscapes. Ideally, Alice Springs will take a full week to enjoy due to the wealth of hikes and fascinating cultural experiences that exist there.


  1. Hobart: A commonly forgotten place to visit in Australia is Tasmania. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania and is Australia’s second oldest city. For this reason, it has a stunning downtown that has historic buildings and sights for tourists to enjoy. In addition to the historic downtown, there are many fascinating areas to explore for diverse landscapes in Tasmania. Be sure to make a week’s time to see Tasmania and you will be elated that you did.




Places to Visit in New Zealand


  1. Bay of Islands: For those that enjoy sailing, fishing, and water sports, Bay of Islands is one of the most popular places to see in New Zealand. From Auckland, Bay of Islands is approximately a three-hour drive from Auckland and is comprised of 144 unique different islands to explore when sailing. Typically, it is wise to spend eight days in Bay of Islands to see as much as possible while allowing time for relaxation.


  1. Auckland: Auckland is the main city in New Zealand that has access to flights from all over the world. The city itself has a rich culture and possesses a range of activities to enjoy. From art galleries to bungee jumping, Auckland offers quite an enjoyable experience for travellers. Allow five days to see the best representation of Auckland’s offerings before heading to some of New Zealand’s more scenic sights.


  1. Milford Sound: The Milford Sound is considered by some to be the eighth wonder of the world. The Milford Sound was formed by glaciers during the Ice Age, which has given the area a picturesque scenery for visitors to enjoy. That being said, there are also waterfalls and mountains to enjoy that are connected to the fjords. When trying to ascertain the best way to see the Milford Sound, it is wise to take a boat in order to enjoy the penguins and dolphins. Ideally, it is wise to allow at least seven days to the Milford Sound for the most memorable experience as a traveller.


  1. Waiheke Island, New Zealand: New Zealand has recently gained a great reputation for wines on an international scale. One great place to sample some of these wines in their natural habitat is to visit Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Waiheke Island is roughly thirty minutes from Auckland by boat and offers not only vineyards, but also culinary delights for travellers to enjoy whilst on holiday. Typically, it is best to see Waiheke Island in one or two days.





And finally… 


It is important to remember that Australia and New Zealand is a long way from England in terms of air travel. For this reason, it is best to budget at least 5-6 weeks to fully enjoy the experience. Keep in mind the importance of having an in-depth knowledge of the current exchange rates between GBP and AUD/NZD. Additionally, be sure to buy Australian and New Zealand Dollars before you leave England in order to get the best possible exchange rates. So long as you plan your travel plans with enough time and capital to enjoy yourself, you will find that Australia and New Zealand are spectacular spots to enjoy whilst on holiday from England.



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