Jaguar Centre, Puerto Viejo

Feeling like we should get stuck in and act like tourists again we signed up for a few activities in and around Puerto Viejo. This is not our usual style of traveling, we like to go at our own pace, stay away from the crowds and find the hidden gems rather than the obvious. However the money you spend on entry to the Jaguar Park goes towards the care of the animals and they really are doing a great job. The idea is that most of the animals will be released back into the wild, they are serving a short time in this rehab stop after getting injuries and illnesses.

You start the tour with the snakes, it take a while and is a bit over the top seeing as we’d browsed most of that area before the tour even began but we weren’t disappointed with what followed. Seeing the famous tree frog, a symbol used by many to represent Costa Rica, was a highlight and we were able to get some great pics for Pirate’s Grog. The baby jaguar was of course ridiculously cute and then into the monkey enclosure to hold and feed the howler and spider monkeys. This was a real bonus, having never interacted that close with monkeys before, it really was worth the visit. And not one to miss an opportunity Gaz got stuck in with the rum again in the sloth garden.

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