From J’burg to Cape Town: A Travel Itinerary for South Africa


South Africa, a vast country blessed with a plethora of sights and things to do, is begging to be explored. Peppered with incredible wildlife, sprawling landscapes and a diverse range of people from all background – South Africa is proudly a land of contrasts.

From game viewing, large national parks, cage diving, whale watching, gorgeous wine lands and breathtaking routes, exploring South Africa is a dream come true. The land is filled with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, multicultural cities, and much more, that it makes you feel like an entire world is crammed into one city.

See, that’s a good thing. Even though it would literally take you a lifetime to explore the entire country, you will be spoilt for choice with the endless regions and things to do. Coral reefs? Shark dives? Historical cities? Cultural attractions? Breath-taking landscapes? South Africa has it all!




So how does planning a trip around South Africa sound? Pretty epic, right? You can travel along picturesque coastlines surrounded by soaring mountains, stop at game reserves, walk amidst forests and dance the night away in towns…

If you’re planning a trip to South Africa, here are some of the top places you need to visit – from Johannesburg to Cape Town!


Start at Johannesburg – 2 days

The largest city in South Africa is practically filled with attractions. The dichotomy of culture is teeming with historical attractions that will give you a glimpse into what South Africa’s history was like, and introduce you to the culture. You can visit the Apartheid museum, theme parks, or the Mandela House.




Kruger National Park – 2 days

This is one of the places you just need to visit in South Africa. Some people even come to South Africa specifically to visit Kruger National Park. One of the biggest in the world, and certainly the biggest in South Africa, this park has an incredibly rich diversity of wildlife and plants. You’ll end up having the ultimate rewarding game-viewing experience. For a more scenic route, and for sprawling panoramic vistas, head to the Three Rondavels viewpoint for the ultimate surprise!


Drakensberg – 2 days

Soaring mountain ranges, the ultimate hiking opportunities, and a rugged experience – those mountains are worth traveling to! This is where you go for awe-inspiring landscapes, almost air-brushed-like tabletops, and the best viewpoints in all of Africa. You can hike to the top of the mountain range, hang out by the second-tallest waterfall in the world, or get to know the Lestho horsemen!




Durban – 1 day

Durban is a city rich with culture and history, a bustling place where the reflection of energy and life is evident in every corner. It’s colorful and vibrant – even almost intoxicating. You will love the sites, smells, and overlapping culture there. You can either go there by using a car (if you’re doing a road trip) or fly in there using major airlines like Flysafair and then head to the Wild Coast. That completely depends on your budget, whether you want to enjoy scenic routes and how much time you have.


The Wild Coast – 2 days

Tired of hiking, safaris and bustling cities? Head over to the Wild Coast where the only thing you really can do is unwind! Revel in the tranquility of the place, bask under the sun on the coasts, or simply do absolutely nothing. If you feel like you need to have an action-packed schedule at all times, then by all means; explore local villages or hike up to the hole in the wall!




Cinsta – 1 day

Another great relaxation destinations, you can choose what pleases you in Cinsta. Filled with juxtaposing experiences, you can ride a horse on the beach or do yoga in the afternoon…Have a game drive in the morning and sip wine on a brewery tour…You can choose what Cinsta experience you want.


Knysyna – 2 days

Knysyna is easily a piece of paradise nestled into earth. Perched on the banks of azure lagoons, the city is one pristine beach after the other. Soaring, lush mountains act as backdrops, the scenice Garden Route is as explorable as ever, and the parks are awaiting explorers!


knysna (1)


Sedgeifled – 2 days

How about mixing picturesque views with adrenaline-inducing activities? Explore lush farms, old oak trees and relish the old town feel of the preserved towns…But also bungee jump off the Bloukrans Bridge, wakeboard, paraglide, or canoe along its coasts.


Cape Town – 3 days

With its myriad of landscapes, dappled forests, soaring mountains and perfect gastronomic experiences – Cape Town is hard to compete with. You will absolutely love the Victorian architecture juxtaposed with jaw-dropping scenery, the nearby mountains, and the myriad of things to do! You’ll be ending your trip with a bang!




So get your bags ready, your car fuelled up and your travel diary out – traveling through South Africa is a dream come true! The extreme diversity from one city to the other will make you feel like you’ve traveled the whole world when in fact, it has just been one country!



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  1. 7th Traveler 12 January, 2018 at 12:16 pm #

    Nice post. Beautiful pictures. I am planning to visit Cape Town in July 2018. Please tell me the best season to visit Cape Town, South Africa. Thank You In Advance.

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