Luxurious Ways To See France


France is such a luxurious, varied country. There is so much to do, and there is certainly never a dull moment. With plenty of easy options allowing for travel to this beautiful country, you can reach it by air, sea or Eurostar. Once you have decided on which part of France you want to visit, you can start thinking about the most luxurious ways that you can get around. This is great for those who want to push the boat out and spoil themselves on their trip to France this year. With all of us having so many high hopes for our time in France, it is easy to see why we get so carried away when planning our trips. Here are a few examples of the most luxurious ways to see France.

By Yacht

I’ve always thought how luxurious it looks when you see a group of celebrities and their friends pictured relaxing on board a private yacht in southern France. If you are willing to flash the cash, then this option could be available to you too! Grab a group of friends together, hire a boat for the day and spend it drifting upon the water. Stock up on plenty of champagne and canapes and you have the makings of a luxurious day set out in front of you. This won’t come cheap, so be prepared to save up, or split the cost with your friends to make it more viable.




By River Cruise

If you are staying in Paris then a good way to experience a luxurious trip and a great view is to take a Seine cruise. You can have a decadent meal on board, complete with wine or champagne. Take someone you love and make it a romantic experience of the whole thing.

On Foot

If you are already staying in a villa close to everything and want to experience real luxury then why not take a walk to the top restaurants and bars? You can grab a bite to eat at some tasty local restaurants or even hire yourself a private chef to come and cook for you after a tiring day on your feet. Of course, there are cheaper and easier options, but if you are pushing the boat out then this could be one for you.



From Above

Whether you are staying at a city or beachside location, you can take to the air and see the sights from a helicopter experience. The views will be stunning, and this is a great thing to tick off your bucket list. Most companies you book with will even include a glass of champagne with your pilot afterwards included in the price. This will give you a chance to ask all of those burning questions. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch the flying bug yourself.


Feel free to let us know if you have any more suggestions for the most luxurious side of wanderlust and travel. We would love to hear about them!



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