Malaga’s Best Kept Secrets

Malaga is a Spanish coastal gem that experiences around 300 days of brilliant sunshine every year. Often, you cannot rely on the weather, but planning what to do with your time away in the Costa del Sol is easy, as it will not be hampered by the weather.

Flights to Malaga from all major and smaller tour operators are very affordable, and the flight time is around two hours. The following list will let you discover some of Malaga’s best kept secrets.




Playa de la Malagueta

This is a beautiful beach area, straight from a postcard. Situated in the central hub of the city, you can spend time swimming, relaxing and even engaging in some physical workouts. The promenade is simply stunning, and taking in the views from this location is a must.


Exploring the Old Town

You’ll find archaic golden-drenched streets, which house pokey little souvenir shops, traditional Spanish bars, and restaurants serving traditional Spanish cuisine. The old town harks back to the old Spain, before tourism made in-roads into many of the Spanish resorts.




Malaga Cathedral

A colossus standing tall and proud in the centre of Malaga, the construction of the building spanned three centuries. The original plan of the architects was to build two towers, but due to budgetary restrictions only one tower was ever completed.


Roman Theater

This is the oldest standing structure in Malaga and is located in the heart of the city centre. Constructed in the third century, this amazing spectacle is open to the public for free, and will offer you some wonderful photo opportunities.


Seafood BBQ

The beaches in Malaga are simply stunning, but having quality food nearby is also another thing that can be experienced by the avid tourist. One of most popular attractions on the beach is the tempting smell and taste of grilled sardines. Moreover, if you take a stroll along the sand, you are likely to see the multitude of restaurants actually serving high quality seafood at a reasonable price.


Pier 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises

In 2011 some renovation transformed the port quay into a commercial and recreational hub. The area now houses a range of bars, restaurants, and shops all jostling for tourists and locals attention. The Quay 2 was turned into a promenade with some stunning architectural features, and is aptly named the Palm Grove of surprises.


All that’s left is to pack your bags, hop on a flight, and discover the other gems the city has to offer!


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