How to Pack for European Summer Music Festivals


Music is in the air! It’s time to think about planning an excursion to your favourite European summer music festival. The aim is to pack efficiently so you are not lugging more than you need but still have the essentials. You need to be able to stay sheltered, well fed and healthy.

Here are some things to consider…




Getting There

Will you take your own transport? Flights? Trains? Buses? Make sure you have robust luggage that you can easily carry. You may have to walk a long way to the venue so you may prefer luggage that you can backpack or one that combines a backpack with wheels and handle. Take one larger case for major items and another that you can easily carry with daily necessities, like a shoulder bag, waist bag or small back pack. The latter may be able to fit a “camel back” pouch for liquids. Here are some great luggage sets available to make sure you have the right size suitcase on hand whenever you travel.



If you are lucky enough to have a campervan you already have a great base but most times you will be camping and a lightweight tent will be the best option. Make sure you know how to erect it before you leave home and check all the poles and pegs are in the bag. Pack a good sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. The latter may incorporate a pillow or improvise with spare clothes.

When it comes to any camping, keep everything as simple as possible but make sure you have the items that will keep you safe and within your comfort zone. Prioritise anything that can have a double use. A robust sleeping mat can double as seat when you are at the concert. Likewise a picnic rug can double as a blanket. Your pants can zip off to shorts, your silk sleeping bag liner can be a sarong, a bikini can be underwear.

Take a torch and maybe portable solar lights to use around camp.


Pack Clothes For All Weather

Make sure you have plenty of options to layer clothes if the weather turns nasty. Start with clothes that double as light tops or underwear and then layer from there to have at least one warm outer layer. When it comes to rain, I think ponchos with a hood are a great option for festivals.  You can wear them standing and seated and even improvise them around your camp as a tarp.

Pack comfortable shoes for walking – one pair for hot weather, one for cold and wet. Have a hat you can wear in the sun and in the rain and remember your sunglasses.



Always drink plenty of good water and add electrolytes if it is hot to ward off dehydration.

Food at festivals can be very expensive so if you are on a budget, take plenty of nutritious snacks like muesli bars, nut mixes, and dried fruit. Take a camping stove to heat up one pot meals that are easily cooked. Take a pocket knife and eating utensils.





Remember your Festival tickets! Keep money in a safe place and don’t wear valuable jewellery.

Take your own supply of toilet paper, and if you use wet wipes don’t put them in the toilet as they do not decompose easily.

Respect the area and the environment so that everyone gets to enjoy the festival. Reduce rubbish as much as possible and only take what you are prepared to take home. Take a reusable water bottle so you can fill up whenever necessary and decrease the number of plastic water bottles used.

When it comes to planning a trip in general we have a few more tips in our article here. We hope that you enjoy your travels wherever you go, and remember to…. Enjoy The Journey!



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