Gaz has been eaten alive

Poor ol’ Gaz isn’t fairing well with the mosquitos. After doing a little research it seems there not so keen on my B positive blood, however from 100 feet away they can smell Gaz’s tasty O type blood. This means he’s been a great deterrent and with only a few bites to my name I’m […]

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Ozzy, who else?

When Ozzy came to stay…

It all went wrong. With a constant supply of Salva Vida in the fridge, it’s safe to say there wasn’t a dry moment (horrible pun) Just as well we had a cool box at the ready to head down to our private beach, Marbella Beach. Productivity has slowed from achieving two or three tasks a […]

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Sexy ladies

House sit No.2 – Roatan

Roatan is an island off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean sea. It’s got clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and the standard Morcheeba tune playing out of every beach bar :) The island is pretty basic, to say the least, which explains my lack of updates. It’s taking us almost a month just […]

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Belize city

A quick stop in Belize

Although we’d planned to spend a while travelling through Belize and visiting the islands our trip was cut short when we found a house sit in Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras. So we only managed to spend one night in Belize, but we made the most of it! Having been told Belize […]

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Vegas Baby!

Ahh well it all seems like a long time ago now, we’ve definitely gone from one extreme to the other, but Vegas was a lot of fun! We thought we’d shake up our Monday morning by hanging off the side of a skyscraper above the whole of Vegas on ‘Insanity’. Gaz was pee’ing himself like […]

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So cold there are seals

San Fransisco

So after driving for 10 hours along the Pacific Coast Highway and then another 3 hours the next day, we made it to San Fran, whoop! Definitely not quite what I expected, but I think if we’d seen it in the sunshine rather than grey skies, it would have been more favourable. All the houses […]

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