Why Panama Should Be Your Next Adventure


Panama is a small patch of land in between Costa Rica and Colombia leading into South America. While both Costa Rica and Colombia are popular tourist areas, Panama is a destination that simply cannot be over looked. For any travel junkie, Panama should definitely be your next adventure.

There is so much to do and explore when in Panama, from enjoying the local scenery like the Gatun Lake, an incredible artificial lake to attending events like the Poker Stars Championship in March. Panama was recently selected by the New York Times as the #1 place to travel due to its 1500 tropical islands, vibrant night life in a Miami-esque capital city and all while being one of the ten least expensive cities in the world. In addition to its cheap prices, Panama is also one of the safest countries in Latin America, allowing you to breathe easy and really enjoy all there is to take in.

When most think of Panama, the Panama Canal comes to mind and for good reason. The Panama Canal is a marvel of human ingenuity. After 10 years and close to $500 million dollars to complete, the canal provided away for ships to cross in the middle of the country. Nowadays you can float right alongside huge cargo ships in the Panama Canal and take part first hand for about $175 dollars. Keep on sailing on until you reach Bocas del Toro, an archipelago of nine islands that attract thrill seekers from all over the world with their surf spots and scuba diving.


Panama Canal

Panama Canal


Another great reason for Panama to be your next adventure is chocolate. That’s right, Panama is home to the La Loma chocolate farm, an off the grid chocolate experience that includes discovering rainforest, underground swimming and of course, lots of chocolate. For $110 you can get an all-out experience including all meals and excursion guides. If that isn’t enough for you, you can cap off your entire experience with a visit to the Panama City, Biodiversity Museum. The world-renowned nature exhibit comes fully integrated with a 12-screen panorama surrounding you with nature including a giant screen under your feet.

Getting to Panama is relatively inexpensive depending on where you are traveling from. If you are flying from the U.K. or U.S. there are plenty of direct flights. Once you arrive there are a ton of cheap taxis waiting for tourists. Be sure to settle on a rate before you travel as taxis are not metered and try to make a friend that can help you discover the land like a local.



Biomuseo Panama


Panama is a destination you absolutely cannot leave off your travel bucket list. With major world events, human marvels, chocolate farms, gorgeous beaches and nature that will leave you speechless, Panama’s rich culture and history make it an unforgettable experience. Your next adventure awaits.


Bocas Del Torro

Bocas Del Torro



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