Paradise found. It’s called Little Corn.

After dragging Ollie around Nicaragua, in the blazing 38 degree heat, we thought it was about time we headed to east to pick up some nice Caribbean breeze and unpack our scuba gear for round two of Scuba Baz in the Caribbean.

We had a few problems with the flight website, whereby it doesn’t load half the page so after spending a day trying to book flights, Gaz got distracted and, erm, forgot about them until the day before, when the website wouldn’t work again because you can’t book online for the following day. So with Ollie mumbling about Nicaraguan inefficiency and Gaz glued to his email and skype phone, there was a lot of sweat shed as to whether we would make the flight or not.

Turns out Nicaraguan inefficiency sometimes works in your favour, when you can just turn up and book your flight an hour before departure, throw your bags behind the check in desk and go and fill your hand luggage up with as much rum as you can carry! After living on an island for three months, Gaz and I are well versed in ‘island prices’ so we stocked up with the cheapest rum we could find, grabbed our enormous blue boarding cards and got ready for our hour-long flight to paradise.

The boys were even more pleased when they found out there was free rum on board, so with a couple of tipsy men in tow we went and got ourselves a nice little cabin on the beach, drank lots of rum and got ready to scuba!



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