The reality of coming home…

Now you might think this post is going to be all doom & gloom… but it’s not! Perhaps we are still in the honeymoon period, because so far, returning to England has been fantastic! We’ve come back in the height of summer (which was of course totally premeditated), bought a van named ‘Henry’ which we’re converting into a camper van and have been so busy we’ve barely had a second to stop and worry about the fact we’re not traveling anymore!

We arrived home more than one month ago, and since we have family and friends strewn all over the country, we’ve been covering more miles than ever, making sure we take the time to visit everyone we missed during our time away. Starting in Norwich with my mum, then to Huddersfield to see Gaz’s parents, across to Leeds to party with Uni friends, down to Devon to spend time with my Dad, across the border to surf in Cornwall, over to Sussex to work at Goodwood Festival of Speed, back to Devon for a good night’s rest, then onto Bristol for the St.Paul’s Caribbean Carnival. We’re currently making a flash visit to Huddersfield to collect our camping gear before we head down to Leicestershire for a Noisely Music Festival and a catch up with our Indonesian traveling crew. And it doesn’t stop there, with a trip to London, Birthday plans and more festivals on the horizon, we’ve been busier than ever! To add to this, we’re developing our existing businesses, contemplating career moves, considering which city to settle in and making sure we’ve got enough cash in the bank to do all of the above!

So, if you’re traveling at the moment and coming home is something you’d rather not think about… don’t fear! Phone friends, buy tickets, organise work, join a team or club, and find that path to following your dreams! (And if that all fails you can steal my plan B – buy a surfboard and live in a van) Remember only you can make ‘it’ happen!!!


Coming Home From Long Term Travel




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  1. Vaughan 22 October, 2014 at 12:57 am #

    Totally relate to this post. My wife and I have gone through a very similar set of emotions when coming home from previous “expat” lives and ya, it is exactly what you make of it. Of course it does get a bit old a bit quick but that’s just the price you pay for living a life of travel when you see new ( if not not always) interesting things everyday! Enjoy it guys. PS, I really like that quote.
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