Rockin J’s and his Crazy Ark

I really hope these pictures display the complete craziness we witnessed during our stay at Rockin J’s. Here’s the background info you need to know…

Rockin J’s is a hostel in Puerto Viejo, and is very well known as THE party hostel. So after a few days in the lovely clean and comfortable Pagalu we headed to the other side of town for some party time and a few days in a tent! If you’re against camping you can hire one of the million hammocks for only $6 , the private rooms and dorms aren’t great so my advice is go budget. Or if you really want a memorable stay, you can ask Jay if you can sleep in the Ark. Yes… this is a real life ark, but it’s not Noah’s, it’s Jay’s!

The ark comes complete with recording studio, food rations, art gallery, car park, medical room etc. Made from a number of containers welded together, it’s been made watertight and insulated on the inside. There’s also some designer carpentry to spruce up the bathroom, decking area complete with plants in case the worst does happen and not forgetting the gas masks, bullet proof vests, shotguns, cross-bows, 9mm pistols, and a cupboard full of AK-47’s. So if you fancy getting yourself a bed in time for 2012, there’s ten up for grabs but it might set you back a bit. The bargain price for a bed and your own AK is $10,000 :-o  Looks like I’ll be going down with the rest of the poor souls, whilst Jay is left fight whatever battle he thinks is going to strike later this year, as long as he’s got his dogs he’ll be happy!

If you’d like to get involved, you can find more info here.

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