When In Rome… Things To Prioritise When You Visit Italy!


Italy is a beautiful country. Not only is it one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, but the world’s too. The culture is incredible; there’s an air of romance wherever you go and the food… Well, the food really does speak for itself.

If you’re planning on visiting Italy anytime soon, then you might want to think about what you’re going to do when you’re there. Preparing for travel can be tough, but when you’re going to a gorgeous place like Italy, it is the most fun of all. Not only do you get to look forwards to a trip of a lifetime, but you can make sure you’re ready for the adventure that awaits.





See The Sights

Whether you’re staying in Rome or Pisa, or even on the coast, you’re going to want to make sure you see the sights. The Vatican and the Trevi Fountain are some of Rome’s most mesmerizing places, and The Leaning Tower of Pisa is something in its own right. Regardless of where you’re going, you’re going to want to make a list of the sights you don’t want to miss.





Eat, Eat & Eat Some More

In Italy, it should be a rule that all you can do is eat. Yes you might want to see the sights, and you ought to take in the culture, but the food really is unbeatable. It’s an ideal place for any foodie. So, if you want to move from restaurant to restaurant during your trip, then go for it. Feast on pasta and pizza and opulent deserts until your stomachs are full and your hearts are content.





Learn The Language

When you’re going to Italy, it can be exciting and new to try and learn the language. You might want to freshen up on your school-age Italian before you head to the country and that might be okay, but what could beat learning the language in Italy itself, with a company like Ellci. Not only will you get to really feel the language as you learn it, but you can also practice in an incredible surrounding too.





Indulge In Culture

As soon as you arrive in Italy, you’ll be hit by the culture. Not only will you want to jump right in and explore it all, but you’ll also never want to leave. You’ll wander from street to street, sit in the many beautiful piazzas, eat long lunches, and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the Italian culture. There is nothing like it, no matter where in the country you head too. If you’re thinking about starting a travel blog, it will make incredible content!





Head To The Coast

If you are planning on visiting an Italian city like Rome, Florence or Venice, you might want to think about getting out to the coast during your stay. The cities are incredible, as are the sights and the culture, but the coast is something else. The laid-back way of life kicks up a notch; the weather is incredible, and the views are even better. You can turn your cultural experience into a beach holiday and have the best of both worlds.






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  1. Dave 13 January, 2017 at 1:08 pm #

    Hey guys -Italy is just wonderful!
    For Rome we advise to visit Vatikan and Petersdome as early as possible – it’s incredible to have an espresso at the roof top bar with such a view over the city!
    Cheers, Dave from 2trvlrs.com

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