San Fransisco

So after driving for 10 hours along the Pacific Coast Highway and then another 3 hours the next day, we made it to San Fran, whoop! Definitely not quite what I expected, but I think if we’d seen it in the sunshine rather than grey skies, it would have been more favourable. All the houses are painted different colours and it’s built on seven hills so there isn’t a bit of flat land in site.

I would recommend going up to Telegraph Hill to get a great view from within the city and then head over the Golden Gate bridge to see the city from a distance, you can also see Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge. Fisherman’s Wharf is really touristy so something you could easily miss out on.

Having had high hopes for the San Fran music scene, knowing it had a strong european influence musically, we thought it was only right we sample the nightlife. We made it to a very cool bar, made some friends and went to a club called The Public Works. The locals told us it was the coolest club to go to and were pretty impressed we knew about it *ahem, gold star for me for uber-research* However it was a bit of a let down, let’s just say it’s no Basics! We went to see DJ Harvey who apparently, by reputation is a great DJ, he really wasn’t – it sounded like Bev’s mixing after too many bevvies :) For all the house-lovers if you get a chance to watch him please let me know what you thought… Needless to say we left after a couple of hours and headed back to our cosy camper van in a dodgy back street of downtown San Fran to get some sleep in before Vegas!


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  1. I thought I’d have to read a book for a discovery like this!

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